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For Educators

At Cultivate, we offer expertly curated Field Trips and Scouting Experiences that adhere to the most current health and safety guidelines. Our environment is designed to engage and inspire, while ensuring the well-being of all our visitors. You'll find a wealth of resources tailored to educators and troop leaders, including lesson plans, activities, and deep dives into our feature exhibitions and collections.

But it's not just about the visit. Before and after your trip, check out our specialized At Home and Learning Resources and Field Trip and Scout Leader pages. Here, you'll find art projects, artist-designed activities, and discussion questions to continue the exploration of art. We also provide resources that specifically align with scouting badges and educational goals, making it seamless to integrate your Cultivate experience into a broader learning journey.

For those who are keen on staying updated, consider signing up for our dedicated e-newsletter, which provides timely news, updates, and specialized resources for art educators and troop leaders. If you have any questions or need further clarification, our Director of Education is readily available for support.

Choose Cultivate for an enriching, holistic experience that extends beyond the walls of our space, serving the needs and curiosities of both educators and students, scouts and scout leaders alike.

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