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Art Fun

Field Trips and Scouting Experiences

Elevate your educational journey by bringing your students or scouts to Cultivate. Our facility is not merely a space but an ecosystem of artistic endeavor, designed to foster creativity, ingenuity, and a lifelong passion for the arts. We offer tailored programs that align with educational standards and scouting badge requirements, ensuring that each visit is not just fun but also fundamentally enriching.

Scouting Adventures at Cultivate

Scouts have the opportunity to earn various art-related badges while engaging in hands-on experiences that challenge their creativity and expand their skills. From drawing and painting to textile arts and digital media, our programs are carefully curated to fulfill badge requirements and offer a deep dive into each artistic medium.

Field Trips Tailored for Impact

Educators can bring their students into a world of artistic exploration and critical thinking. Your class will not only see art; they will interact with it, understand its history, and perhaps most importantly, create their own.


Why Choose Cultivate?


Hands-on, artist-led activities
Programs tailored to educational and scouting guidelines
Skill-building opportunities in real-world artistic practice
A nurturing community of artists and educators



Scouting Experiences

$10 per scout

Field Trips
Elementary School:

$8 per student
Middle School:

$10 per student
High School:

$12 per student

How to Book Your Visit

To arrange a field trip or scouting experience, please contact our Director of Education at

Spaces are limited and fill up quickly, so we recommend booking well in advance.


Empower the next generation of creative minds by giving them the tools they need to succeed—sign up for a field trip or scouting excursion at Cultivate today.

Girl Scout Badge Options

Colorful World (Daisies) - This badge lets the youngest scouts explore the world of art by playing with color, creating their own masterpieces, and observing how art is a part of everyday life.

Painting (Brownies) - Brownie scouts learn the basics of painting techniques and styles while expressing their creativity on canvas.

Drawing (Juniors) - Junior scouts delve into drawing techniques and various forms, from still life to figure drawing, while using different mediums like pencils, charcoal, and ink.

Comic Artist (Cadettes) - Cadettes have the opportunity to create their own comic strips, learning about storyboarding, character development, and visual storytelling.

Collage Artist (Cadettes) - This badge focuses on the creative process of collage, letting scouts experiment with different materials and textures.

Book Artist (Cadettes) - Scouts learn bookbinding techniques and create their own handmade books, exploring the craft of book artistry.

Textile Artist (Seniors) - Senior scouts explore the world of textiles, experimenting with various techniques like weaving, knitting, and dyeing.

Photographer (Seniors) - Scouts get to explore photography, from shooting techniques to editing and presentation, learning how to capture the world through a lens.

Outdoor Art badges (All levels) - These badges are about finding artistic inspiration in nature and can include activities like drawing landscapes, making natural dye, or creating environmental art.

Boy Scout Badge Options

Art Merit Badge: This badge covers a broad range of art forms and techniques, including drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Graphic Arts Merit Badge: This badge delves into the principles of design and the processes involved in printing.

Photography Merit Badge: Scouts learn about camera work, editing, and composition to earn this badge.


Cultivate Field Trip Options

Join us for a journey of art and creativity with Cultivate's specialized field trip programs. Designed to accommodate various age groups, our field trips offer a structured yet flexible curriculum that engages students in hands-on activities, artistic discussions, and critical thinking. Cultivate is committed to being a source of inspiration and education for the next generation of artists.

Elementary School Field Trips
Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours

Activities Include:

Guided tour of our current exhibition
Hands-on art-making session inspired by the exhibition
Storytelling time focused on art and artists
Interactive Q&A with a practicing artist

Young minds are sponges for creative expression. Our elementary school program aims to ignite the artistic spark in younger students through a blend of storytelling, art creation, and interactive discussions.

Middle School Field Trips
Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours

Activities Include:

Guided tour of our current and past exhibitions
Hands-on workshop tailored to enhance artistic skills
Discussions on art history and contemporary art practices
Team art project to foster collaboration and creativity

Middle school is a time of self-discovery and skill-building. Our program delves deeper into artistic techniques and history, offering students a balanced experience that is both educational and creatively fulfilling.


High School Field Trips
Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours

Activities Include:

Comprehensive tour of our current exhibition with curatorial insights
In-depth workshop focusing on advanced artistic techniques
Critical discussions on art theory and its real-world applications
Portfolio reviews and career guidance in the arts

High school students are on the cusp of educational and career decisions. Our field trip program for this age group is designed to offer them meaningful insights into the world of professional art, complementing their academic studies with practical knowledge and skill development.

Cultivate's educational field trips are not merely excursions but experiences that contribute to lifelong learning and love for the arts. Book your trip today to unlock a world of artistic possibilities.

"Taking my students to Cultivate was a game-changer. Not only did they get to experience art up close, but they also created their own masterpieces. The staff at Cultivate truly understands how to make art come alive for kids. This trip was the highlight of our semester, and my students are still talking about it. We'll definitely be back!"

-Elementary teacher in Wyoming, Michigan

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