Preschool and Family Art 

In this program, we invite children ages 3-6 to make art. In this play-based, ongoing art class, we focus on socialization, connection, sensorial learning, and fostering imagination. 

Art plays an important role in developing fine motor skills, hand strength, and coordination.


In this program, we focus on socialization, connection, play-based sensorial learning, and fostering imagination.  Classes start with a group story share where we read a picture book about an artist, then we move into art-making.  


Within our art-making work, children grasp an understanding of lines and shapes, color, watercolor, printmaking, weaving, sculpture, and other art forms. Beyond making works of art, our youngest artists practice purposeful self-expression and creativity to prepare them in their creative journeys. We share a critique, or a group share to our youngest one, which provides space for children to share language and positive reinforcement with each other. In these lessons, the process is about the focus, not the product. 


Classes are very small, with 8 children to 1 teacher.


Class is one hour long, weekly, and ongoing. 


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Young Artist Series

An intro art class for our youngest artists! A play-based approach to art-making, we read a book on an artist, and make art about their work, including painting, printmaking, clay, drawing, and more. 

Schedule: Monday-Thursday, 9-945am

Location:  East Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation

Maximum of 8 children

"This was one of my son's first "school-like" experiences and he was really nervous. It was amazing to see that within a few days of class, he was making new friends and was comfortable. 

He is so proud of himself and I am proud of him!" 

- Parent of three year old

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