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Female Potter Making Mug

Mission / Vision / Promise


We cultivate. We cultivate an inclusive, holistic approach to community.  We cultivate a sense of belonging.  We cultivate learning and inspiration.  We cultivate success and celebrate mistake making.  In short, we cultivate an environment of respect that is loving and welcoming all people.  

We believe that all people are creative.  Our model is slow, intentional, gentle learning.  

We intentionally create a culture of care.  When people come to our space, they are welcome to explore, make a cup of coffee or tea. Art classes are structured to allow students of different ages and abilities to interact in a safe and productive manner. The environment and community is both inspiring and challenging.  


Our model is designed to educate and develop fluency with art tools and language, practice with critique and conversation, and uplift and support in a safe space for experimenting and creativity.  


Art is expression.  

Art is a tool. Learning the proper use and function of materials, processes and techniques for developing personal art.

Art is mistake-making.  Encouraging students to reach beyond their perceived limitations and embrace the opportunity to learn from mistakes and accidents.

Art is seeing.  Learning to attend to visual context more closely than ordinary “looking” requires - learning to notice things that otherwise might not be noticed, and learning to see, think, wonder.

Art is a creative approach to pushing oneself.  Learning to develop focus and other ways of thinking helpful to working and persevering at art tasks. (We often talk about this with sports, but art is a great way to do this as well.) 

Art is community, as you get to know yourself and others. A sense of belonging in an intentional culture of care. 

Art is accessible. With a focus on accessibility and care, programs in our gallery space, community programming, significant community outreach all over Grand Rapids, we create opportunities and hold space for all. 


Cultivate, by definition means: to prepare, to promote or improve the growth of with labor and attention, to produce by culture, to develop or improve by education or training; train, to refine, to promote the growth or development of (an art, science, etc.), to foster.  Cultivate was founded on these principles and promise. 


We cultivate creativity, growth, community, and care.   

Cultivate believes that art is a catalyst.  Art is a teacher.  Art grants the individual the opportunity for expression, connection, empathy, and compassion. 

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