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Young Female Painter

Art Education 

Education is the center of everything we do at Cultivate.  We focus on the whole person - teaching art, but also social emotional learning, and supporting a student of every age and skill to go to the next level. 
An educational team consisting of trained teachers and professional teaching artists, we share art courses from preschool-aged children to continuing education for adults.  

We are grateful to offer studio-based, fine art courses that actively teach elements of art and design, art history, and community critique.  Our students of all ages share that they feel more confident in their art practice, connect with an art-loving community, and find new inspiration. 

No matter your skill level, you are welcome here.  

What our Students Share

"I love how the instructor made everyone feel comfortable.  Drawing is something I have wanted to get better at for a long time, and I feel like I can do it now.  I feel like I see things differently now.  I see like an artist."  - Adult Student 

Meet our Teachers

Cultivate teachers and education staff are a blend of professional teachers and teaching artists, they share wisdom and knowledge in their fields. 

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