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Young Female Painter

Art Education 

Cultivate's Education Department is dedicated to providing a transformative studio-based art learning experience that holds immense value for our students.

Our program goals revolve around fostering creativity, developing foundational artistic skills, encouraging critical thinking, promoting personal artistic growth, and cultivating a lifelong passion for art. Through our comprehensive curriculum, we create a nurturing environment where students can explore their creativity, acquire essential techniques, engage in critical analysis, and embark on a journey of personal artistic development.

We believe in the power of hands-on artistic exploration and the ability of studio-based art learning to unlock self-expression, develop technical skills, foster critical thinking, and inspire a lifelong love for art.

No matter your skill level, you are welcome here.  

We are proud to share art courses in three locations in West Michigan 


East Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation


Cultivate Gallery


Kendall College of Art and Design

What our Students Share

"I love how the instructor made everyone feel comfortable.  Drawing is something I have wanted to get better at for a long time, and I feel like I can do it now.  I feel like I see things differently now.  I see like an artist."  - Adult Student 

Meet our Teachers

Cultivate teachers and education staff are a blend of professional teachers and teaching artists, they share wisdom and knowledge in their fields. 

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Support for Teachers and Educators

Cultivate is dedicated to enriching the educational landscape by providing an extensive array of resources tailored to the needs of teachers and educators. Our offerings include meticulously crafted lesson plans designed to engage and inspire students, comprehensive art videos that bring creative techniques and art history to life, and our unique art magazines, which serve as a valuable tool for introducing contemporary art concepts and discussions into the classroom.

By accessing our resources, educators can enhance their curriculum, foster a deeper appreciation for art among students, and stay abreast of the latest trends and methodologies in art education. Cultivate is committed to supporting educators in their mission to cultivate creativity and critical thinking skills, preparing students for a vibrant future in the arts.

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