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Cultivate is an independent, artist-run arts organization based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We offer a contemporary art gallery, fine art education program, and artist resource center. 

The word Cultivate is an action verb. We do a lot of art, but we also cultivate:


Community. Growth. Creativity. Gratitude. Compassion. Joy. Expression. Learning. Seeing. Play. Rest. Experimentation. Calm. Mistake making. Safety. Authenticity. A resilient spirit. Laughter. Meaningful work. Accessibility. Intuition. Kindness. Care. 

The Cultivate team is composed of 40+ professional artists, established curators, certified and trained teachers, and

industry experts.

We are passionate.  Dedicated.  Community serving. 

Learn more about Cultivate in a WOODTV interview with Director Mallory Shotwell.

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