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Teen Art Program

Our Teen Program is called "Art Studio."

Art Studio is a place for creative problem-solving, artistic exploration and experimentation, and a place for students to develop critical thought and to support their interpretations and opinions as they respond to art.  


Within this work, teens have the opportunity to respond to their world, to their own art, and to the art of others. Students learn that the arts may initiate change as well as being a response to change.

Our teen schedule is as follows: 

Monday night - Teen Open Studio/Lab, 6-8pm, at Cultivate 

Wednesday night - Teen Courses, 6-8pm, at Cultivate 

Cultivate's Teen Program is dedicated to providing a transformative studio-based art learning experience that fosters creativity, develops foundational artistic skills, encourages critical thinking, promotes personal artistic growth, and cultivates a lifelong passion for art.


Our comprehensive curriculum creates a nurturing environment for students to explore their creativity, acquire essential techniques, engage in critical analysis, and embark on a journey of personal artistic development. Through hands-on artistic exploration, we aim to unlock self-expression, develop technical skills, foster critical thinking, and inspire a lifelong love for art.

In our Teen Art Program (ages 13-18), our mission is to encourage creative problem-solving, foster artistic exploration and experimentation, and support students in developing critical thought as they respond to art. Teens have the opportunity to engage with their world, their own art, and the art of others, understanding the potential for art to initiate change and respond to change.

Have questions about which course to take? Or registration questions? Or need assistance with anything else? We're happy to offer a variety of support, including 1:1 consultations to support your needs. 


Please visit our contact page for more information! 

Fall 2023 Semester 

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Art Studio - Drawing

Embark on an immersive 8-week artistic journey with Art Studio - Drawing, tailored for teens aged 13-18. Throughout this course, you will engage in a variety of assignments designed to enhance your drawing skills and creative expression. Explore expressive mark-making, experimenting with different lines, strokes, and textures to convey emotions and narratives. Dive into capturing innovative perspectives by depicting urban scenes or landscapes from unique vantage points. Immerse yourself in photorealistic rendering, replicating intricate textures and lighting nuances with pencil and shading techniques. Venture into conceptual drawing, conveying profound concepts through visual symbolism, abstraction, and scale. Guided by experienced mentors and a supportive community, you will refine your artistic voice, leaving an indelible mark on the evolving landscape of contemporary drawing.

Course Dates: Wednesdays
in September and October
Course Starts: September 6, 2023
Course Ends: October 11, 2023
Time: 6-830pm
Location: Cultivate, 620 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

teen art class grand rapids mi 2.jpg

Art Studio - Painting

Embark on an exhilarating artistic journey with our Art Studio - Painting course, specially crafted for creative teens seeking to explore the world of fine art practices. Throughout the course, you'll be introduced to a diverse range of painting techniques, including acrylics, watercolors, and oils. Discover the art of brushwork, layering, transparency, color blending, glazing, and creating rich textures with oil paints. Dive into the captivating realm of color theory, and learn to evoke emotions and create visual impact with your artwork. Master the art of composition as you explore techniques for crafting balanced and compelling painting compositions. Above all, this course celebrates your unique artistic expression, fostering your creativity and individuality to create art that truly represents your creative brilliance.

Course Dates: Tuesdays in October/November
Course Starts: October 3, 2023
Course Ends: November 28, 2023
Time: 6-830pm
Location: Kendall College of Art and Design, 17 Pearl St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

teen sculpture class grand rapids.jpg

Art Studio - Sculpture

Embark on an artistic odyssey with Art Studio - Sculpture, an immersive 8-week course tailored for teens aged 13-18. Immerse yourself in the world of sculpting, mastering fundamental techniques such as carving, molding, and additive and subtractive methods, while delving into sculptural composition and innovative problem-solving. Create bas-relief masterpieces, design captivating kinetic sculptures, explore light and shadow dynamics, and redefine sculptural forms. Cultivate respect, embrace independent thinking, ignite imaginative problem-solving, and enhance collaborative connections in a supportive artistic community. Join us for Art Studio - Sculpture and celebrate your unique artistic voice through contemporary sculptural exploration.

Course Dates: Wednesdays in October/November
Course Starts: October 18, 2023
Course Ends: November 29, 2023
Time: 6-830pm
Location: Cultivate, 620 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, USA

"My son aboslutely loved your online comics class! He said he could do this forever!" 

- Parent of fourteen-year-old student

"I was a little bit nervous to sign up because I didn't know anyone, but everyone was so nice and supportive.  I made a lot of friends and we're all doing the next class." 

- Sixteen-year-old student

Stories and News 

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