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Working Together on Project

Job Opportunities 

If you're passionate about the arts and helping people, you belong at Cultivate.  See available positions and learn how you can make a difference.  


Job Opportunities

Cultivate Teacher Job Description


Cultivate is seeking to hire teaching artists and certified teachers for spring and summer art courses.  Courses may be for students ages three-adult, and in a range of mediums - drawing, painting, comics, sculpture, photography, and more.  

Who We're Looking For

Teaching Artists
Professionals with hands-on experience in the arts.
Creative individuals capable of bringing real-world artistry to our curriculum.

Certified Art Teachers
Educators with formal qualifications in art education.
Those who can provide a structured, pedagogical approach to teaching art.

Starting Dates

Classes may start as soon as January, or throughout the spring semester, and we are also hiring for summer semester 2024. 

Transparency Notes

At Cultivate, we value a diverse range of teaching styles and experiences in our art education programs. We are actively seeking both teaching artists and certified art teachers to enrich our team. Whether you're a specialized artist deeply immersed in your discipline or an experienced educator with a broad understanding of various mediums, we welcome your application.

We recognize that each educator brings a unique set of skills and experiences. As such, we encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply, even those without formal teaching experience. We understand that teaching artists might be highly specialized in their respective fields and may not have extensive teaching hours compared to educators with a wider range of teaching experience or medium proficiency.

Please note that while we are open to various levels of experience, the allocation of teaching hours may vary. Those with more extensive teaching experience or a broader expertise in different mediums might find a greater number of teaching opportunities available. However, we believe that every educator, irrespective of their experience level or specialization, has valuable insights and skills to offer.

We strive to create a balanced and dynamic team that reflects the diverse tapestry of the art world, and we are committed to providing a supportive and nurturing environment for all our educators.


Support for Teachers

Flexible Scheduling

Fair Compensation - Ensuring a livable wage through sufficient teaching hours
All class curriculums are provided, allowing teachers to focus on delivery and student engagement

Monthly Teacher Meetings focused on education and support

All Art Materials Provided for all students for student projects are supplied for greater accessibility and ease.

Professional Development Opportunities for continuous learning and growth in the field of art education

Community Support and Engagement

We encourage all teachers to get to know each other and to foster additional learning, so all Cultivate classes are free for all teachers


Job Details:

Working Hours
   - Variable, ranging from 2 to 35 hours per week depending on teacher and Cultivate availability

   - Pay is $17-35/hour depending on experience 

Role Focus
   - Delivering high-quality art education.
   - Engaging with students of varying ages and skill levels.

   - Working within a dynamic, artist-run organization.
   - Collaborative and innovative art education setting.

Community Involvement
   - Opportunities to participate in and contribute to local art initiatives and events.

- Plan and deliver engaging and age-appropriate art lessons that align with Cultivate's mission of fostering creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression.
- Utilize educational differentiation techniques to scaffold lessons to the diverse learning needs of students, ensuring every individual's progress and success.
- Provide clear and inspiring instructions, encouraging students to experiment with a wide array of artistic techniques and mediums.
- Cultivate a welcoming and inclusive classroom environment, fostering a sense of community and collaborative learning among students.
- Showcase and instruct on fundamental techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture, and other fine art disciplines, underscoring the significance of fine art education.
- Offer constructive feedback and guidance on students' artworks, supporting them in refining their skills and cultivating their artistic journeys.
- Collaborate seamlessly with fellow educators and staff, contributing to interdisciplinary projects and enriching the overall learning environment.
- Mentor and nurture a strong sense of community among students, fostering an environment of mutual respect, support, and artistic exploration.
- Maintain meticulous records of student progress, assignments, and attendance while maintaining open communication with parents and guardians.
- Stay at the forefront of artistic education trends to enhance your teaching methods and contribute to the continual evolution of our curriculum.

Qualifications for Certified Art Teachers

- Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, Art Education, or a related field. 
- Demonstrated experience in teaching art to elementary,  teenage, and/or adult students.
- Exceptional communication skills to convey complex artistic concepts and techniques effectively to students from diverse backgrounds.
- Proficiency in differentiating instruction to cater to the unique needs of each student, fostering an inclusive and equitable classroom environment.
- Reliability, punctuality, and a strong commitment to fostering a positive, collaborative, and supportive learning atmosphere.
- Mastery of a wide range of fine art techniques, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media, to underscore the importance of fine arts in our curriculum.
- Patient, enthusiastic, and driven by an unwavering passion for nurturing young artists' creativity and self-expression.

Qualifications for Teaching Artists

   - Demonstrable experience as a practicing artist in fields such as painting, sculpture, digital arts, photography, or other art forms.
   - Portfolio showcasing personal work or participation in exhibitions, residencies, or other artistic endeavors.
   - Expertise in a particular medium or style of art, with the ability to guide and inspire students through hands-on experience.
   - Ability to articulate artistic processes and concepts.
   - Skill in engaging students from diverse backgrounds and varying skill levels.
   - Experience in teaching or leading workshops, community art programs, or private lessons is advantageous but not mandatory.
   - Ability to adapt teaching methods to a range of student experiences and learning styles.
   - Willingness to work with a diverse range of students and to adapt artistic practices for educational purposes.
   - Passion for sharing art with others and for contributing to the cultural education of the community.

Reliability and Professionalism
   - Dependable and professional in managing class schedules, preparing for sessions, and maintaining a positive learning environment.

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