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ArtPrize Education

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Through our unique ArtPrize education initiative, we aim to bridge the gap between contemporary art and classroom learning, offering an unparalleled opportunity for educators, students, and the wider community to engage with groundbreaking art.


Our dedication lies in curating resources, workshops, and interactive experiences that not only highlight the vibrancy and diversity of ArtPrize, but also underscore our commitment to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of art. By integrating these experiences into educational contexts, Cultivate's mission is to nurture creativity, critical thinking, and a passion for the arts in future generations.

This work is made possible by Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, the Michigan Arts and Culture Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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What we offer for ArtPrize Education

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ArtPrize Field Trips

Cultivate's ArtPrize Field Trips are educational programs designed to connect students with contemporary art through guided tours and interactive workshops at the ArtPrize event. These field trips aim to enhance students' understanding of art, stimulate critical thinking, and increase appreciation for artistic expression. Tailored to different age groups, the field trips include pre-visit materials for teachers, post-visit resources to continue learning in the classroom, and activities like educational scavenger hunts and reflection discussions to engage students actively. 

Art Class

Art Magazines and Digital Resources

Cultivate's suite of educational resources, including art magazines, curriculum materials, and art videos, is designed to enhance art education. Our magazines delve into contemporary art, providing insights for classroom discussions. The curriculum resources offer lesson plans tailored for various educational levels, encouraging creativity and critical analysis. Our art videos feature artist interviews and tutorials, making the creative process accessible. Together, these tools support teachers in inspiring students and underscore Cultivate's commitment to advancing art education.

Painting Equipments

Art Workshops

Cultivate's art workshops are interactive sessions designed to engage participants in hands-on learning experiences across various artistic disciplines. Led by experienced artists and educators, these workshops offer a diverse range of activities, , catering to all skill levels. Participants have the opportunity to explore new techniques, express their creativity, and develop their artistic abilities in a supportive and inspiring environment. These workshops are a cornerstone of Cultivate's mission to provide accessible, high-quality art education, fostering a community of learners who are passionate about exploring and creating arts.

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