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Adult Art Program

The mission of the Adult Continuing Education program is to inspire exploration and experimentation, connect community through art, and to harness artistic curiosity, and turn it into artistic confidence with work and practice.  

We believe that whether you are honing an old skill or learning a new one, you will find inspiration

and community here.  

Courses are six weeks long, with the mission to exercise or hone techniques, where students focus on both process, techniques, and product-based work.  Students learn the techniques or materials, and are encouraged to brainstorm, problem-solve, research, explore and experiment to make individual and innovative works of art.  Instructors provide careful guidance and support as students use the tools and lessons that they have learned to create their own art. Teachers may provide visual prompts or thought exercises to inspire ideas.  What emerges from the courses is a technical skill, but also a confidence in their own art-making and creativity.  

We end each class with a “group share” or critique experience. Here students practice the language of art and design, have a sense of community, and receive positive reinforcement for their work. Students may share a larger piece they are working on, a piece from home, or a sketchbook exploration.   

Sketchbooks are encouraged for each student to collect and store ideas that will become starting points for works of art in the future. These visual journals allow students to enhance their skills of observation and image-making in order to process more detailed information. Some examples of sketchbook activities are illustrating poems and short stories, designing and illustrating commercial advertisements, observational drawings, photo collages, and mixed media experimentation.

Occasionally, a guest artist will come to visit the classroom to demonstrate a unique craft or skill. Some ideas of artists may include a video game designer, regionally exhibited printmaker, interior designer, museum curator, or fashion designer. This experience further develops their understanding that art is everywhere, connects the student to the art community, and expands their horizons of art as a career.   


Adult art classes are two hours long, run for 6 week sessions, and are weekly. 

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Courses are labeled with the location. Courses at East Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation require registration through their website, and requires making a free account.  If you have any questions with registration, please email education@cultivategrandrapids.org

Cultivate Online Courses

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October 5 - November 9, 2022

Learn six different ink styles from six different ink artists in six weeks!  Designed for the interested artist to a midcareer artist, this online course offers live instruction from six ink-based artists in six weeks.  

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November 16 - December 28 , 2022

Stretch your mind, expand your artistic practice, and jumpstart your creativity in this online course for adults. Designed for the interested artist to a midcareer artist, this online course offers live instruction and prompts to support and advance your artistic practice.  


In this live class, we share a number of ways to jumpstart your creativity and get you thinking in new ways. 

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"These classes are so inspiring!  When I feel like I need more structure or a push creatively, I sign up for a new class with Cultivate.  It helps me with my whole art practice and pushes me to think in new ways.

- Adult student 

"I love these courses and have been signing up for all of them.  I find that it's "me time" in my week -and it's so relaxing to sit down with the group and make art together."

-Adult student 

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