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Press Release: Announcing 2024 ArtPrize Education Partnership

Cultivate is excited to announce its continued partnership with ArtPrize, offering an expanded array of educational programs aimed at inspiring creativity and learning among students and educators across Michigan. Building on the success of previous years, Cultivate is set to deepen its impact with a focus on local school districts and statewide educational outreach.

In 2022-2023, Cultivate's ArtPrize initiatives supported over 2,200 children through targeted field trips, collaborating with 100 schools and 3 colleges to bring the transformative power of art directly to students. The success of these programs was further amplified by the participation of 500 individuals in Cultivate's art workshops, the publication of 6 art magazines, and the development of 20 lesson plans and curriculum resources, achieving an impressive 20,000 national reads. Additionally, the creation of 3 art videos extended the reach of Cultivate's educational impact, providing accessible and engaging art education beyond the classroom.

This year, Cultivate aims to host 30 field trips in partnership with Grand Rapids Public Schools, Wyoming Schools, Kentwood Schools, and other districts, reaffirming its commitment to making art education accessible to all students in Michigan. These field trips are carefully designed to engage students with the ArtPrize exhibits, encouraging them to explore contemporary art, engage in critical thinking, and cultivate an appreciation for artistic expression.

Cultivate's efforts to connect with teachers, administrators, and educators across Michigan are at the heart of its mission. By providing comprehensive lesson plans, interactive workshops, and digital resources, Cultivate aims to empower educators with the tools they need to inspire their students and integrate art into their teaching practices effectively.

Testimonials from the community highlight the impact of Cultivate's initiatives

A local teacher shared, "The Cultivate field trips have not only enriched our students' understanding of contemporary art but have also provided them with a platform to express their creativity and thoughts. It's an invaluable experience for both students and educators."

As Cultivate looks to the future, its ArtPrize education programs are poised to set new benchmarks in art education, fostering a community of learners who are passionate about exploring and understanding the world through art.

Learn more about this impact and 2024 plans on the webpage here.

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