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Teacher Professional Development

At Cultivate, we recognize the invaluable role that continuous learning plays in both personal and professional development. That's why we extend our adult course offerings to educators, complete with a Certificate of Completion that can be used for continuing education or professional development credits within your institution. These courses are not merely recreational; they are structured to advance skill sets, offering tools and techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into your teaching practice.

Each course aims to deepen your understanding of art and art education, providing a robust set of skills and methodologies that can be applied directly in your classroom. We understand that as an art educator, you are also an artist—your growth in both realms is not just encouraged, it's essential. We offer this program to serve as a catalyst for that growth, melding pedagogical insight with artistic mastery.

Choose Cultivate for your professional development, and invest in an experience that enriches not just your own practice, but also the educational experiences of the students you serve. Elevate your teaching, enrich your artistic journey, and inspire the next generation of artists.

"I enrolled in Cultivate's adult course series with the intention of earning a professional development credit, but I gained so much more. The course was comprehensive and hands-on, covering not just theory but also real-world applications that I could immediately implement in my classroom.


As an art teacher, it's vital to continue growing both as an educator and as an artist. Cultivate made it possible to do both simultaneously, and the impact has already been evident in my teaching and in my students' enthusiasm. I can't recommend Cultivate's courses highly enough."

— Sarah M., High School Art Educator

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