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Spring Break Art Camps

 Get ready to have fun, make new friends, and get creative in our spring break art camps! 

Milk Art Science Experiment.jpg

Morning Session: Art Experiments


Explore and PLAY! in this spring break art camp! Inviting kids ages 6-12, we will be doing different STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, and mathematics) experiments every day. A week of WOW with a range of fun - including paper mache and plaster painting, soundwave art explorations with homemade instruments, sculpture, painting, mixed media, developing cyanotype prints with a darkroom enlarger, collaborative installation art building, and exploding color experiments!  We will end the week with an art show to share our creations with family and friends. 

Snacks are included

Course Schedule: Monday-Friday, 9-12pm

Course Starts: April 1, 2023

Course Ends: April 5, 2023

Location: Cultivate, 620 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 

Fashion Class for kids Grand Rapids Michigan.jpg

Afternoon Session: Young Fashionistas 


Welcome to the vibrant world of fashion in our "Young Fashionistas" spring break art camp! Perfect for kids ages 6-12, this camp is all about exploring the exciting realm of fashion design and garment creation. Throughout the week, our young designers will learn the basics of hand sewing, delve into various fabric decoration techniques, and practice fashion sketching. We'll guide them through the process of designing and creating their own simple wearable art pieces and accessories. Each day brings a new opportunity to experiment with colors, textures, and styles, helping each child express their unique artistic vision in the world of fashion. We will even take a walk to the KCAD fashion department and see the rooms, materials, and work the college students are doing! The week will culminate in a mini-fashion showcase where campers can proudly display their creations to family and friends.

Snacks are included

Course Schedule: Monday-Friday, 1-4pm

Course Starts: April 1, 2023

Course Ends: April 5, 2023

Location: Kendall College of Art and Design, 17 Pearl St, Grand Rapids

Design your own board game class.jpg

Afternoon Session: Board Game Bonanza


Step into the world of interactive and creative fun at our "Board Game Bonanza" spring break art camp, perfect for kids ages 6-12! This camp is all about the art and excitement of board game creation. Each day, our campers will dive into the process of designing their own board games, learning about game mechanics, theme development, and strategy. We'll explore different types of board games, from adventure and fantasy to puzzles and strategy games. The children will create everything from the game concept and rules to the design of the board, cards, and playing pieces. We'll also incorporate elements of storytelling and character design to enhance their games. The week will culminate in a Board Game Showcase, where campers can play and share their unique creations with family and friends.

Snacks are included

Course Schedule: Monday-Friday, 1-4pm

Course Starts: April 1, 2023

Course Ends: April 5, 2023

Location: Kendall College of Art and Design, 17 Pearl St

Teen Pre-College Art Class Grand Rapids MI.jpg

Teen Spring Break Camp

Afternoon Session: Drawing and Painting


Our Spring Break Art Intensive: Drawing & Painting is tailored for high school students who are eager to deepen their artistic practice in drawing and painting, with a focus on still life and portrait work. This workshop is perfect for students preparing for AP Art exams or building a college art portfolio.

During the camp, students will:
- Engage in focused drawing sessions, studying still life setups to enhance their observational and rendering skills.
- Participate in portrait painting workshops, using acrylic or oil paints to capture the subtleties of human expressions and features.
- Explore a variety of painting techniques, understanding color theory, composition, and brushwork.
- Receive individualized feedback and critique, aimed at refining their technique and artistic expression.

This immersive experience is designed to push students' creative boundaries, allowing them to experiment with styles and mediums while gaining valuable insights into the artistic process. Students will take a trip around the college - seeing classrooms, meeting students, and seeing the opportunities at Kendall College. The class will conclude with a session on portfolio development, offering tips on how to curate and present their work effectively for AP Art or college applications.

Snacks are included

Course Schedule: Monday-Friday, 1-4pm

Course Starts: April 1, 2023

Course Ends: April 5, 2023

Location: Kendall College of Art and Design, 17 Pearl St Grand Rapids

All Day Camps, or Half Day for a fun-filled day of art making and creativity! 


8am-9am Open Studio, Before Care, and Drop Off Time 

9am-12pm First Session: Art Experiments Camp, with snacks provided at 1015am 

12pm-1pm Pickup Time from First Session, Open Studio and Lunch, and Dropoff Time for Second Session 

1pm-4pm Second Session: Character Camp, with snack provided at 2:30pm 

4-5pm Pickup from Second Session, Open Studio for After Care

Please drop off children 10-15 minutes before class.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is it like in your camps? 

Our camps are FUN, imaginative, play-based, (and secretly the kids are learning a lot!) Kids love the hands-on art-making experimentation, the silliness and play, while we are inviting them to stretch their minds and explore new things.  Parents and caregivers love that our camps are so fun for our kids, but they also share a lot of social-emotional learning as we also practice social awareness skills like compassion and care, relationship skills like sharing, decision making and critical thinking, self and community management with art projects that vary from solo work to group collaboration.  

What are the ages? 

Inspired by Montessori practice, we intentionally have a wide age range from 6-12, and we invite and support the older students kids to become leaders and mentors to our younger students.  

What do we need to bring? 

We invite the students staying for lunch to bring their lunches. Aside from that, we want all our students to bring a creative spirit and curious mind!  

Who are your teachers? 

We have certified art teachers for these courses!  They are first aid and CPR certified.

Tell me about the art share! 

We invite students to share works on the last day of camp.  Here we mentor and guide the students to host their parents, friends, or caregivers with a special exhibition.  Students get really excited to host this event, and will prepare a range of juice boxes and snacks, and arrange their work with great pride! 

If you have any questions about our spring break options or need additional information, please email our Director of Education at 

"I've never made anything like this before. This is so cool!" 

 - Seven-year-old student after doing cyanotype prints 

"This is the most fun class ever!" 

- Six-year old student

"It's so great to see my daughter making friends.  She loves this class and I signed her up for the rest of the summer.

- Parent of seven-year-old student 

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