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Pricing Info and Payment Options 

​Welcome to Cultivate, where we believe that an exceptional learning experience should be accessible and free of uncertainties. We are committed to providing you with a transparent understanding of the investment you're making in your artistic journey. With us, you're not only investing in top-tier instruction but also in a comprehensive learning package that includes all materials and supplies needed for your class.

Experience the All-Inclusive Advantage:

Our adult courses offer three hours of immersive artistic exploration per session, equating to a mere $20 per hour of expert instruction and creative engagement. This is about the cost of a single yoga class.


Our 8-week class offers 24 hours of comprehensive learning. This would be $480, however we’re happy to share these courses for $320, a savings of $160. 

We also offer installment payment plans to support a variety of payment options. 

Seamless Creativity: No Shopping, No Stress
Your journey begins with ease—no more wandering through art supply stores or endless online searches. We've eliminated the financial and time labor of shopping for supplies. When you join a class at Cultivate, all the materials you need are included. From premium paints and brushes to specialized tools and canvases, we've got you covered. Your focus remains on learning and creating while we take care of the details.

Elevate Your Artistry with High-Quality Materials
At Cultivate, we understand the importance of quality in your creative process. That's why we use high-quality materials in all our classes. We're dedicated to providing you with professional-grade tools, enabling you to produce exceptional results. With our premium supplies, your artistic journey is elevated, and your creations are infused with excellence.

Affordable Artistry: Your Creative Exploration Begins Here
Experience the enriching world of art education without breaking the bank. Our pricing structure, comparable to a yoga class per session, ensures accessibility without compromise. Embrace your creativity and join our community of learners who share your passion. Discover the joy of learning and creating without the stress of shopping for supplies.

Your Journey Starts Here: Invest in Excellence and Possibilities

At Cultivate Art Education, your investment goes beyond a class—it's an investment in your growth, creativity, and artistic journey. With high-level instruction, comprehensive materials, and transparent cost information, you can confidently embark on your creative exploration.

Ready to take the next step? Explore our range of classes and programs, and join us in cultivating your artistic talents.

"These classes are so inspiring!  When I feel like I need more structure or a push creatively, I sign up for a new class with Cultivate.  It helps me with my whole art practice and pushes me to think in new ways.

- Adult student 

"I love these courses and have been signing up for all of them.  I find that it's "me time" in my week -and it's so relaxing to sit down with the group and make art together."

-Adult student 

Photography Class for Kids Grand Rapids MI.jpg

Art Classes at East Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation

We are proud to share fine art classes at East Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation.  

​Sharing our courses for ages three to adult, we offer easy going introductions to art for preschoolers, lower elementary, upper elementary, teenagers, and adults, including month-long courses, spring and summer camp opportunities, and more.  

​Registration for the East Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department classes is done so through their website.  If you would like to see, or register for our courses there, please follow the link below.  If you have questions in the registration process, please email 

Stories and News 

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