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Merging Artistry and Education: Cultivate’s Continuing Education for Teachers in Michigan

Professional development for teachers Michigan

Cultivate's Continuing Education program is designed with the dual goals of nurturing educators' artistic talents and enhancing their teaching techniques. We provide a distinctive blend of studio practice and instructional innovation tailored to empower art educators.

Our courses are intentional in structure, focusing on the intricate balance between developing as an artist and excelling as a teacher. We delve into various artistic disciplines, offering hands-on experience that fosters personal creative expression alongside pedagogical expertise.

The sessions are conducted by experienced art educators and professional artists, ensuring that each class is informed by both practical art-making and educational theory. This direct engagement with art practitioners provides a rich soil for educators to cultivate new skills and insights.

Enrollment in our program includes the benefit of a Certificate of Completion, a testament to your investment in your professional and artistic journey. This certificate is more than a formal acknowledgment—it's a tool that can open doors to career advancement and serve as a symbol of your lifelong commitment to the arts.

Through our Continuing Education courses, you'll have the opportunity to refresh your artistic vision and to bring a renewed vigor to your classroom. Our goal is to inspire educators to become conduits of creativity, enabling students to access the transformative power of art.

Choose Cultivate for your artistic and professional growth, where the art studio becomes a classroom and the classroom an artist's studio. Your development as an educator and an artist goes hand in hand, elevating the educational experience for you and, subsequently, for the students you inspire.

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