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Welcome to the Cultivate Summer Art Camp's third summer season!


This year, we're set to welcome 500 students, reflecting the program's growing popularity and the community's increasing interest in art education. This partnership is not just about brand visibility; it's an investment in nurturing the creative potential of the next generation.

watercolor classes for 2nd grades grand rapids mi.jpg
Our Numbers

500 summer camp students from all over West Michigan, 
ages 6-12 and 13-18

6 certified art teachers 

End of Summer Showcase

87% satisfaction rate of classes

Instagram stats - 
average 3-5k view 
per reel 

(up to 2.3 million)


Newsletters - 
3k subscribers, 
open rate of 45%

Tiktok - 
average 3-5k per video (up to 504k)

Sponsorship Levels

Title Sponsor - Masterpiece Sponsor - $7,500

Limited to one sponsor

Exclusive title sponsorship acknowledgment in all event mentions.

Your logo on the front of camp t-shirts and 500 welcome kits.

Four Instagram reels and monthly newsletter mentions featuring your brand.

Prime logo placement on the camp website and social media posts.

Opening remarks opportunity at the showcase event.

Estimated 40,000+ impressions across various channels.


Front design of camp tee-shirt

Visionary Sponsor - $5,000

Limited to two sponsors 
Logo on the back of camp t-shirts and 500 welcome kits.
Three Instagram reels and quarterly newsletter mentions.
Four social media posts and logo on the camp website.
Verbal acknowledgment at the showcase event.
Estimated 25,500+ impressions across digital and physical brand placements.


Back design of camp tee-shirt and preview of what logos or names will look like

Inspirational Sponsor - $3,000

Limited to two sponsors 
Logo on the back of camp t-shirts and showcase.
Inclusion in welcome kits and two Instagram reels.
Bi-monthly newsletter mention and three social media posts.
Logo on the camp website's sponsorship page.
Estimated 12,000+ impressions through digital and on-site visibility.

Healthy Snack Sponsor - $2,000

Limited to three sponsors 
Logo on the back of camp t-shirts and showcase 
Logo placement on snack tables and communications.
One Instagram reel and two social media posts.
Newsletter mention related to art projects.
Estimated 3,000+ impressions focused on creative engagement.

Sketchbook Sponsor - $750

Limited to three sponsors 
Exclusive branding on sketchbooks provided to students.
One Instagram reel and one social media post featuring snack times.
Acknowledgment in one newsletter edition.
Estimated 2,000+ impressions highlighting your brand’s contribution.

Your support allows us to offer a space where art and education thrive together.

Help us keep the conversation going.


Thank you for believing in our work and helping us create an inclusive and vibrant space for all.

Cultivate Conversations:
Art and Education Discourse

Read the Cultivate Arts Publication

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