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Residencias y becas para artistas de Michigan

Listado de residencias de artistas y becas de artistas en Grand Rapids, Michigan y sus alrededores. Actualizado mensualmente.  

Recursos para artistas visuales en Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Los recursos incluyen oportunidades de subvenciones para artistas, becas, estudios de artistas, oportunidades de venta y mercado, ferias de arte y más.  La misión de esta guía de recursos es servir y apoyar a los artistas en el área de West Michigan con herramientas para elevar sus carreras.

Foto de Kris Kinsey de Exposure Triangle Photography

Loghaven Artist Residency


Loghaven Artist Residency’s mission is to serve artists by providing them with a transformative residency experience and continued post-residency support. The residency is located on ninety acres of woodland in Knoxville, Tennessee. Artists live in five historic log cabins that have been both rehabilitated and modernized to create an ideal setting for reflection and work, and they have access to new, purpose-built studio space. All Loghaven Fellows are awarded stipends to support the creation of new work during the residency.

Application Fee: $20

Applications Due: July 15th, 2024. 


QHHQ Self Guided Residency


The QHHQ Self-Guided Sessions are the most basic of residency models: a place for someone to live and work. What to work ON is determined by the resident. This self-guided residency requires minimal involvement with the community, no requirements of exhibition or output, or even frequent interaction with your hosts. It is self-catered, and no administrative help is provided other than guiding potential residents towards possible funding sources (if needed) and connecting the resident to local resources. Minimum stay of 1 week, 1 month maximum. 


1 week = $500, 2 weeks = $800, 3 weeks = $1,100, 1 month = $1,500.

We do not provide a stipend or support, but will provide an invitation or description for grant or visa applications. 


Application Fee: $5.00

Applications Due: July 31st, 2024. 

Bemis Center - Omaha, Nebraska 

Located in the historic Old Market, Omaha’s arts and culture district, Bemis Center's 110,000 square foot facility accommodates a broad range of artistic activity. Selected artists-in-residence enjoy generous sized, private live/work studios complete with kitchen and bathroom, a $1,250 USD monthly stipend and $750 travel stipend.


Artists-in-residence have 24-hour access to extensive installation and production spaces and the Okada Sculpture & Ceramics Facility, a 9,000 square foot industrial space used for large-scale sculpture fabrication; and a Sound Studio for rehearsing and recording. This is an independently-driven, process-based residency in a communal environment, fostering creative growth, experimentation, and supportive exchange. There are no expectations placed on residents to create or promise an exhibition in our first-floor galleries.


Application Fee: $40.

Applications Due: August 1st, 2024. 

Lycee Francais de San Francisco – Artist in Residency

This program invites french-speaking artists from around the world to use their art and explore the themes of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging by collaborating with our bilingual students ages 5 to 18 years. We are looking for artists who can build a visual art piece that integrates our diversity and create a lasting artifact that can be displayed on our campus.

There are three campuses, all containing multi-purpose workspaces. We will attempt to accommodate basic equipment needs, within reason. Such requests should be made clear in your application. Artists are expected to be working in classrooms and with groups of students up to 20. The Lycee Francais de San Francisco will finance the visa process, lodging and there will be a stipend offered depending on the length of stay.


Applications Due: August 15th, 2024. 

The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts Residency 

18 artists selected each year. Accommodations include a private apartment (with private bathroom), individual studio spaces, walking trails around campus and a fully equipped shared kitchen. 


Discover new ways of working with your medium and geek out with the Material and Application Specialists/Artists at Golden Artist Colors!


Application Fee: $30

Applications Due: August 28th, 2024. 

Bryn Du - Granville, Ohio 

The focus of Bryn Du’s Artist in Residence program is to enhance local awareness and engagement in the arts by introducing new and varied artists to the Granville community throughout the calendar year. While in residence, the chosen artist will reside in the Cramer House, the renovated laundry building designed for Artists in Residence, behind the Bryn Du Mansion. Artists may be in any stage of their career to apply and participate in a Bryn Du residency. 


All Artists in Residence are expected to provide a minimum of 2 community engagement activities per month which will be agreed upon by Bryn Du and the artist prior to the residency. Examples might include a community poetry reading, performance on the outdoor stage, artist talk or gallery show. Bryn Du is open to lots of ideas and will happily work with accepted artists to determine engagement activities that are enjoyable to the artist, may advance his or her journey, and engage the community. Stipends include $2000 for an 8 week residency and $3000 for a 12 week residency.


Application Fee: $15.

Applications Due: August 31st, 2024.


Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency 2025

The Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency (EMAR) program by Collar Works is designed to provide emerging, underrepresented, and established artists an immersive, supportive, productive, and communal atmosphere for art-making and dialogue on a bucolic 77-acre farm in Granville, NY. The summer residency offers 2 and 4-week residencies for individual artists and 1-week residencies for families. Accepted artists will receive a $250 stipend to be used at their own discretion towards travel, materials, or other associated costs related to this opportunity. 

Application Fee: N/A until July 15th, 2024.

Applications Due: September 1st, 2024, 11:59PM. 

VCCA Mt. San Angelo Residency


Residencies of varying lengths (no minimum stay) with flexible scheduling are available May through August of next year. All residencies at Mt. San Angelo include a private bedroom with en-suite bath, a separate private studio, and three prepared meals each day.


Application Fee: $30 (If the application fee presents a significant barrier to application, artists should reach out to Artists Services at to request an application fee waiver at least five days before the deadline.)

Applications Due: September 15th, 2024. 

Community Engagement Fellow - Museum of Contemporary Photography (Part-Time)

Reporting to the Manager of Marketing and Community Engagement, the Community Engagement Fellow will primarily provide support for the Museum of Contemporary Photography’s 2024 exhibition Prospetto a Mare (exhibition (Sept. 5-Dec. 22, 2024), featuring new work by Eritrean artist Dawit L. Petros. As this exhibition posits links between colonialization, migrations, and modernism in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Italy, and North America, the Community Engagement Fellow will be tasked with visioning and bringing into fruition a parallel community-centered program that works with members of these communities in Chicago. Foregrounded in the MoCP’s mission to cultivate a deeper understanding of the artistic, cultural and political roles of photography in our world today, the Community Engagement Fellow will be a convener of art, ideas, and activism across Chicago’s diverse communities. In addition to driving the specific community engagement efforts related to Prospetto a Mare, the Community Engagement Fellow will also realize other projects with partner organizations throughout their term at the MoCP.  

This is a grant-funded part-time position (approximately 12 hours per week), continued employment is contingent upon the availability of funding and/or program needs.

Application due date N/A.

Organizaciones que tienen Programas de Artistas en Residencia regulares disponibles:  

Artista de Good Hart en el programa de residencia:  La residencia artística de Good Hart, ubicada en Good Hart, Michigan, ofrece residencias de 2 a 3 semanas para artistas visuales, escritores y compositores/autores de canciones dedicados. La residencia ofrece alojamiento y comida completos, incluido un edificio de residencia recién terminado con un estudio independiente de 24 pies x 14 pies, una cocina completamente equipada con varias comidas proporcionadas por la familia anfitriona cada semana, un estipendio de $ 500.00 y un entorno natural y tranquilo para concentrarse. sobre el trabajo creativo. El artista residente se encuentra en una zona rural a poca distancia del lago Michigan y el pueblo de Good Hart, a lo largo del "Túnel de los árboles", una ruta patrimonial escénica. The Good Hart Artist Residency ofrece una experiencia solitaria al hospedar a un residente a la vez.

Programa de Artista en Residencia de Lakeside Inn:  Los artistas seleccionados participarán durante un período de dos semanas (tres semanas para los ceramistas) en función de sus propuestas, su medio expresivo y su obra anterior. Los residentes se hospedan en el apartamento de residencia ubicado detrás de la posada y también tienen acceso las 24 horas, los 7 días de la semana al estudio de arcilla en el nivel principal o artista.  estudio en el segundo nivel. WiFi está disponible para los estudios y el apartamento.  

Parque histórico estatal de Mackinaw: 

El Programa de Artistas Residentes de los Parques Históricos Estatales de Mackinac está diseñado para promover y alentar la creación de obras artísticas inspiradas en la historia, las maravillas naturales y la belleza de la isla Mackinac. Las residencias están disponibles para artistas de todos los medios, incluidos escritores, compositores, escultores y artistas visuales, incluidos fotógrafos, entre otros.


Las residencias de 2 y 3 semanas están disponibles desde principios de junio hasta principios de octubre.

Ox-Bow : hemos reinventado nuestros programas de residencia para explorar diferentes enfoques para servir a los artistas. A continuación, encontrará una serie de nuevos modelos, cada uno con una visión única de cómo los artistas se unen en comunidad para compartir, desarrollar nuevas habilidades, sumergirse en conversaciones críticas y dedicar tiempo a la creación.  

Residencias Popps Studio y Emporium:  Para artistas visuales emergentes, de mitad de carrera y establecidos con una práctica basada en un estudio que estén interesados en una experiencia inmersiva en Detroit y Hamtramck.

Residencia de artistas de Red Bull Arts Detroit:  El programa de residencia de artistas es fundamental para Red Bull Arts Detroit. Estamos comprometidos a brindarles a los artistas el espacio, el tiempo y los recursos necesarios para impulsar sus prácticas al ofrecer una residencia de dos meses en nuestras instalaciones en Detroit. Brindamos alojamiento, espacio de estudio, un estipendio de $8,000, un presupuesto de $2,000 para la producción de obras durante la residencia y acceso a la comunidad artística local a través de visitas a estudios, recorridos de exhibición y conexiones personales. La residencia está diseñada para artistas en todas las etapas de sus carreras interesados en experimentar con nuevas técnicas, desarrollar nuevos trabajos o centrarse en la investigación.

Beca curatorial Red Bull Arts Detroit:  Red Bull Arts Detroit se compromete a apoyar de manera integral las artes a nivel local y nacional. Como tal, buscamos brindar plataformas de exhibición alternativas a la vasta red de curadores independientes que ofrecen nuevas formas de ver, comprender y experimentar a los artistas y sus obras. El programa crea una oportunidad para que un curador realice un concepto de exhibición y lo presente al público en Detroit. El curador seleccionado demostrará en su propuesta un nivel de compromiso y consideración sobre cómo su exposición interactúa con la ciudad y la comunidad local, y por qué debería llevarse a cabo en Detroit. Red Bull Arts Detroit apoyará al curador en la ejecución de la exposición y su programación pública.  

Artista residente de Sleeping Bear Dunes: 

El programa Artista en residencia está abierto a escritores, compositores y artistas visuales estadounidenses profesionales, incluidos fotógrafos, cuyo trabajo puede ser influenciado y mejorado por esta magnífica escena de Michigan. Brinda a los artistas residentes la oportunidad de capturar los estados de ánimo de Sleeping Bear Dunes en su medio particular. El programa proporciona el uso gratuito de una casa del parque ubicada en las cercanías del pueblo de Empire (sin mascotas). También puede optar por quedarse en un campamento en uno de los campamentos continentales desarrollados.

Dos residencias de 3 semanas están disponibles durante septiembre y octubre.  


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