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Tendremos nuestra galería de ladrillo y mortero y espacio educativo para 2023.  Estamos en el proceso de explorar la mejor ubicación y la construiremos pronto.  Contará con nuestro espacio de galería, varias aulas y un espacio abierto para clases comunitarias, reuniones, conferencias y trabajo.  (¡Quizás más, también!)  

¡Estén atentos para más detalles!  

Mientras tanto, apóyanos con una donación, inscribiéndote en una clase, compartiendo nuestro progreso, suscribiéndote a nuestro boletín informativo por correo electrónico o aprendiendo más sobre nuestro trabajo. 

Supporting Cultivate means fostering a thriving arts ecosystem right here in Grand Rapids. Your generosity helps us ignite creativity, build community, and engage with contemporary art in transformative ways.


Here are several impactful avenues through which you can contribute:

Direct Donations

Every contribution, whether one-time or recurring, directly supports our mission to enrich our students, artists, and community. Give today and help us continue providing a platform for contemporary art and artists.

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Discover Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Align your brand with creativity and culture through event sponsorship. Your support as a sponsor showcases your commitment to the arts and provides critical funding for our initiatives.

Volunteer Your Time

Your skills can make a real difference. Become a volunteer and join our efforts to promote fine arts in our community.

Leave a Review

Your positive review helps to expand our reach and community engagement. Share your positive experience and thoughts about Cultivate online and spread the word about Cultivate’s mission.​

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Wear your support with pride by purchasing Cultivate branded merchandise. Each sale supports our programs and brings visibility to our cause.

Partner With Us

We welcome partnerships with businesses and organizations that share our vision. Explore how we can align and collaborate for mutual benefit.

Art Supply Wishlist

Help us acquire essential supplies to keep our programs running smoothly. Check out our wishlist and choose an item to donate. It's a practical way to contribute to our cause.  We use Blick Art Supplies for our primary shopping. 

Your support allows us to offer a space where art and education thrive together.

Help us keep the conversation going.


Thank you for believing in our work and helping us create an inclusive and vibrant space for all.

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