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Arte Preescolar y Familiar 

En este programa, invitamos a niños de 3 a 6 años a hacer arte. En esta clase de arte continua basada en el juego, nos enfocamos en la socialización, la conexión, el aprendizaje sensorial y el fomento de la imaginación. 

Tuition Support

El arte juega un papel importante en el desarrollo de las habilidades motoras finas, la fuerza de las manos y la coordinación.


En este programa, nos enfocamos en la socialización, la conexión, el aprendizaje sensorial basado en el juego y el fomento de la imaginación.  Las clases comienzan con una historia compartida en grupo donde leemos un libro ilustrado sobre un artista, luego pasamos a la creación de arte.  


Dentro de nuestro trabajo artístico, los niños comprenden las líneas y las formas, el color, la acuarela, el grabado, el tejido, la escultura y otras formas de arte. Más allá de hacer obras de arte, nuestros artistas más jóvenes practican la autoexpresión y la creatividad con un propósito para prepararlos en sus viajes creativos. En estas lecciones, el proceso se trata del enfoque, no del producto.  


Las clases son muy pequeñas, con 8 niños por 1 maestro.


La clase es de una hora de duración, semanal y continua. 

Payment Installment Plans

At Cultivate, we understand the importance of making our diverse range of art classes accessible and manageable for everyone. That's why we're excited to offer a convenient payment installment plan, designed to ease the financial commitment of enrolling in our courses, especially for those signing up for multiple classes or engaging in our more extensive teen and adult programs. This plan allows students or their parents/guardians to spread out the cost over time, ensuring that our enriching art education is within reach for all interested participants.

Flexible Payment Installment Plan

Our payment installment plan is straightforward and user-friendly. When you register for any of our art classes, you only pay 50% of the total class fee upfront. This initial payment secures your spot in the class. The remaining 50% is then due at the start of the class. This approach is particularly beneficial for those enrolling in several classes or opting for our longer, more intensive courses, which tend to be higher in cost.

How to Opt for the Installment Plan

Choosing the installment plan is simple:
1. Select your desired class or classes during the registration process on our site Jumbula.
2. Opt for the installment plan option at checkout.
3. Pay 50% of the total fee to confirm your registration.
4. The remaining 50% will be automatically charged as each class begins.

Support and Assistance

Our team at Cultivate is dedicated to providing support and assistance throughout the registration and payment process. Should you have any questions or need help with setting up your installment plan, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to ensure that your experience is smooth and hassle-free.

"We recently signed our daughter up for several art classes at Cultivate and the payment installment plan was a game-changer for us.


Paying only half of the class fees upfront made the registration process much smoother financially. It was such a relief, especially since we wanted to enroll her in multiple classes. As each class started, we were only then charged the remaining half, which really helped us manage our budget better."

-Parent of Elementary student

watercolor classes for 2nd grades grand rapids mi.jpg

Class Pricing Transparency

Understanding the pricing of Cultivate's art classes in the context of other activities in West Michigan helps highlight the value we offer. Let's compare our class fees with the costs of other recreational and educational activities - 

Elementary Courses ($79 for 4 sessions): Each session costs $19.75.
   - Compared to yoga or karate classes for children, which can range from $15 to $25 per session, our art classes are competitively priced. They provide specialized, age-appropriate art education in a nurturing environment, offering more than just physical activity by fostering creativity and imagination.

Teen Workshops ($220 for 6 sessions): Each two-and-a-half-hour session works out to about $36.67.
   - Gymnastics or advanced karate classes for teens can cost around $30-$50 per session. Our workshops provide extensive engagement in art, making them a valuable alternative that offers both skill development and creative expression.

Adult Courses ($320 for 8 sessions): This breaks down to $40 per three-hour session.
   - In comparison, adult education classes or leisure courses (like advanced yoga or pottery) often exceed $20 per hour. A single credit hour in a college course can cost hundreds of dollars. Our adult art courses offer comprehensive, professional-level art education at a fraction of the cost of these alternatives.

Why Our Classes Represent Great Value

- Broad Curriculum: Across all age groups, our classes cover a wide range of art forms and techniques, offering an educational experience that goes beyond what is typically available in other extracurricular activities.
- Expert Instruction: Our experienced instructors provide personalized guidance, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.
- Facilities and Resources: The fees contribute to maintaining well-equipped studio spaces, high-quality materials, and a vibrant art community.


Balancing Quality and Accessibility


At Cultivate, we strive to balance providing top-notch art education with affordability. The comparison with other common activities in the region shows that our classes are not only competitively priced but also offer unique value in terms of the depth and breadth of the artistic experience.

"These classes are so inspiring!  When I feel like I need more structure or a push creatively, I sign up for a new class with Cultivate.  It helps me with my whole art practice and pushes me to think in new ways.

- Adult student 

"I love these courses and have been signing up for all of them.  I find that it's "me time" in my week -and it's so relaxing to sit down with the group and make art together."

-Adult student 

Stories and News 

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