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Hiring Fall Interns: Arts Administration

Cultivate welcomes two interns to support the Cultivate faculty and staff in various arts administrative needs.

Our core team provides a high level of education and hands-on experience to prepare our interns and in our program for careers across artistic media and the for-profit and non-profit sectors, in the U.S. and abroad.

The areas of responsibility may include:

Arts administration interns’ work represents the breadth of the arts administration sector. Specific job goals and task details are set by the intern and core team members at the time of orientation, specifically designed to serve as a learning and professional growth opportunity by the individual intern.

Arts administration goals and tasks may include support and work in the following departments: marketing, PR, event planning and support, exhibitions and/or artist work, curatorial, communication, fundraising and donor support, artist archiving and documentation, project development or management, education, or other artist resource center needs.

Mode of Instruction:

This position will also include a high level of hands-on education and support with regard to art gallery and school management, arts administration, and gallery.

The arts administration interns will work in partnership with our core team. Interns will learn arts administration and art marketing support as we develop regional connections with galleries, established artists, and the general public to lay the foundation for years to come.

​Job Details:

This position is an average of 10 hours per week, including a weekly team meeting with our relevant core team members and/or our full administrative team. Interested parties may work remotely. We will meet once a week with our development team, and assignments/work may be done on the intern's schedule as per their needs.

To Apply:

If you have questions about the internship, or need assistance in your application process, please email

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