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Volunteer of the Month: Aude Shattuck

Introducing Cultivate's Volunteer of the Month Spotlight

At Cultivate, we believe in celebrating the incredible individuals who dedicate their time, energy, and passion to enriching our community and advancing our mission. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, bringing our programs to life and creating a vibrant, nurturing environment for all who walk through our doors. To honor their invaluable contributions, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our "Volunteer of the Month" blog series.

Each month, we will spotlight one outstanding volunteer, sharing their stories, achievements, and the impact they've made on Cultivate and the broader Grand Rapids community. Through these stories, we hope to shine a light on the diverse talents and compassionate spirits that make Cultivate a place where art and community flourish together.

In launching our "Volunteer of the Month" series, it’s our pleasure to spotlight Aude Shattuck (She/Her), an exemplary figure whose commitment and creativity have greatly contributed to the essence of Cultivate. Aude has been instrumental in bringing innovation and energy to our community, exemplifying the power of volunteerism. Her involvement in various initiatives, from leading workshops to enhancing our community outreach efforts, showcases a remarkable blend of leadership and passion for the arts.

Please read her interview below -

Cultivate: What’s one of your favorite memories from volunteering with Cultivate?

Aude: Coming to help out for family open studios has been immensely cathartic. Getting up on a Saturday to wake up the studio space for art making is one of the most invigorating ways to spend a morning. Having folks from the community stumble in to get messy and creative with strangers is one of the best ways I can imagine getting to make art with strangers.

Cultivate: How do you practice or participate in art?

Aude: I studied digital arts in school, but lately I've been rewiring my brain and getting my hands as messy as I can. Collage has been one of my favorite ways to play and make lately. I can give myself permission to experiment with paint and textures, then give it a new life thinking about what shapes and creatures want to crawl out of the paper.

Cultivate: Are there any artists that have been inspiring you lately?

There are so many but the concept art of Brian and Wendy Froud, the immersive work of Yayoi Kusama, and papercut artists Hari & Deepti.

Please see and support Aude's art practice and work at her website.

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