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Intersection of Art and Storytelling: A Panel Discussion

On Wednesday, September 21, we shared an enriching panel discussion and dialogue with five artists and writers at Fountain Street Church in partnership with ArtPrize.

This panel included William Davis, Danielle C. Wyckoff, Brandy Mayweather, Rebecca Stein, and Cary Okoro.

In this enriching conversation, we shared the role that stories have in the artistic process, how their work relates to identity, what it means to hold story - both theirs and others, dissected and shared who gets to tell which stories, and so much more.

Truly, we could have listened for hours. The panelists had different careers and paths, but had incredible chemistry.

Please see our gallery slideshow of the event photos below.

Photo credit to Kae Pershon of KPhotoscape.

Thank you to ArtPrize and Fountain Street Church for the partnership in this workshop. It was a pleasure to share in this conversation and day with our partners, the artist panelists, and our audience and community.


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