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Kids in Art Class

We strive to host inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals, including individuals with
disabilities, to engage fully. It is important to note that people are not required to show proof of their ability or needs. This includes people who have an invisible disability.


We recognize that this policy on accessibility is a living document, and will be amended as we learn and listen.

If there is an additional way that we can support more, please email us at

Language Support


Accessible language is language that accommodates people of all ages and abilities, including those with cognitive disabilities, people with low literacy skills, and speakers of English as a foreign language. Our website and work honors these needs, and thus is more conversational language.  Our website has a tab on the top right that translates our full website into Spanish. We are moving into offering courses and translating all of our literature into Spanish as well. 

Physical Support


We have a flat, well lit, safe parking lot behind our gallery space with one handicap-accessible space.  We have two spaces in front of our gallery that are street parking spaces. Our two front doors and back door open up fully and are also flat to support wheelchairs of varying sizes, walkers, people with canes, or scooters. We offer two spots for drop offs only. We have a rectangular door handle in the front door to support those with arthritis or chronic inflammation. 

Sensorial Support


We are amending this section to suit the needs and support for sensorial purposes.  We will be updating this section shortly.  

Allergy Support


Due to the potential anaphylaxis response, we encourage students or participants to share their food, asthma, or allergies with our staff in our medical forms in registration. Our staff is trained on how to recognize anaphylaxis and can support with epinephrine and first aid. 

Learning Support


We encourage students to share and support, but also ask about learning styles and personality.  We understand that all students have multiples intelligences, learning styles, and learning needs, but also continue to learn about and support those on the spectrum or neurodivergent. With this, we share a multi-tiered approach to social, emotional, and behavioral support. We encourage students and participants to take breaks, offer kinesthetic, auditory, visual, interpersonal and intrapersonal opportunities for growth and learning,  

Lactation Support


We have a quiet and sectioned off area of our employee room that can be used for lactation needs and support. THis includes the following: comfortable chair with pillow that can be adjusted for needs, soft lighting and ventilation, nearby wastebasket, electrical outlet for plugging in a breast pump, nearby table for breastpump or supplies, refrigerator to store cold packs or milk, and a nearby sink for washing hands, pump, or tubing. 



Our restroom is gender-neutral.  We have a single, handicap-accessible bathroom.  This includes two railings (one vertical, one horizontal) next to the toilet.  Our sink is low, and personal supplies (including soap, lotion, napkins, etc) are on a table next to the sink.  For people changing diapers, we include a dresser that operates as a changing table and wipes. Located under the sink, we have a footstool for children to wash their hands.  We carefully monitor this space to ensure that it is clean and well-kept for all of our community. 

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