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Strategic Self-Promotion: Mastering Social Media and Networking at ArtPrize

As an artist participating in this year's ArtPrize, leveraging the power of social media and networking is paramount to maximize your exposure and build meaningful connections. In this article, we'll delve into strategic self-promotion, offering insights on effectively utilizing platforms like Instagram, Threads, and LinkedIn to connect with fellow artists, potential buyers, and art enthusiasts.

Choose the Right Platforms:

To begin, identify the social media platforms that resonate with your target audience. Instagram is perfect for showcasing visual art, while Threads can facilitate concise updates and engaging conversations. LinkedIn allows for professional networking and engagement.

Showcase Your Artwork:

Use your social media profiles as digital galleries. Regularly share high-quality images of your ArtPrize artwork. Provide context through captions, sharing your inspiration, techniques, and the story behind your pieces. For Instagram, for example, we recommend having two accounts - one account is strictly your art account, and another is your personal account. You will want to utilize your art account as your social media portfolio - all leading back to and encouraging people to go to your website. The reason for sharing exclusively art is that the algorithm will pick up on the consistency of the "art-only" posts and push it out to more galleries, curators, and collectors. If you, say, share photos of art and then your animals or a cup of coffee at brunch, the algorithm becomes less targeted in its approach. Want more art folks on your account - share only art.

Specifically, for Instagram, we recommend using your Instagram wall to share photos of you work - full shots and details of the work. We recommend using stories for getting to know you - what quotes do you like, what are you thinking about? Give a behind the scenes view as to who you are as an artist. For reels, we encourage a blend of trending sounds, talking videos from you, and also Capcut edited videos. This offers a range of experiences for both the audience, but also the algorithm favors this combination. Use reels for a look into your process and who you are as an artist.

Engage Actively:

Actively engage with the ArtPrize community by commenting on other artists' posts, sharing insights, and forming connections. Respond to comments on your posts, fostering conversations around your work.

Utilize Hashtags Strategically:

Research and use relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts. Incorporate ArtPrize-specific hashtags to join conversations and reach a broader audience interested in the event. We personally recommend #artprize and #artprize2023 but you can also utilize hashtags that are relevant to your artmaking - #contemporarypainting for example.

Share Behind-the-Scenes:

Offer glimpses into your creative process and preparations for ArtPrize. Not all of your audience can visit ArtPrize, so give them a peek into what this event is all about! Share progress shots, videos of your studio, and anecdotes about your journey leading up to the event.

Collaborate and Cross-Promote:

Collaborate with fellow artists and cross-promote each other's work. By pooling your audiences, you can reach a larger number of potential art enthusiasts.

Engage with the Audience:

Respond promptly to comments and direct messages. Engage in thoughtful discussions with those showing interest in your work. Personal interactions can leave a lasting impression.

Incorporate Stories and Live Sessions:

Utilize Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to offer real-time insights. Take your audience on a virtual tour of your ArtPrize setup, answer questions, and provide exclusive content.

Networking on LinkedIn:

On LinkedIn, connect with fellow artists, curators, gallery owners, and other art professionals. Share articles, posts, and insights related to your artistic journey.

Post-Event Engagement:

After ArtPrize concludes, maintain your online presence by sharing reflections, gratitude, and updates on what's next. Keep your audience engaged and excited about your future endeavors.

Strategic self-promotion through social media and networking is an invaluable tool for artists participating in ArtPrize. By employing these tactics, you can enhance your reach, establish connections with like-minded individuals, and ensure your ArtPrize experience leaves a lasting impact on your artistic journey.

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