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Leadership and Learning as Summer Programming Continues

Written by Our Education Director, Claudia Pimentel:

We are almost in our final month of summer programming! Summer classes have flown by as each week we meet new friends and greet repeat students who continue to growth and challenge themselves, delighting and surprising us as teachers constantly.

Aligning with our Montessori centered philosophy, here are some moments we’ve gotten to witness this past week:

As several students continue to join classes week by week, they have become confident and engaged in the classroom dynamics; one older student in particular exhibited patient and grace with the younger students and took it upon themselves to assist them with their work after they had completed theirs. In Montessori practice, this sharing between older and younger students fosters empathy between the two, helps the older child develops understanding for those yet learning, and younger students becomes more receptive to direction and solving problems. It was impressive and satisfying to witness this older student realize their potential as an influencer, and chose to do so with kindness and patience.

This past week in our Sculpture course, students learned about the work of Artist duo CHIAOZZA and their bright, colorful forms and geometric designs in playful shapes and structures. Students modeled their color choices on their palettes in both paper mache and clay, and learned that art making, even as a grown up, can always be whimsical, energetic, abstract, and of course, fun!

As our organization continues to grow, so do our plans and projects, collaborations and classes! In addition to our Art Business Courses, Our Fall Schedule will debut soon and we can’t wait to share our new curriculum with you.

Thank you as always to all friends, followers, staff, students, and more, for your outpouring of support for Cultivate - we are so grateful and privileged to be able to share and grow with you all!

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