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Changing Lives One Brushstroke at a Time: Cultivate’s Year in Numbers

As we approach the end of another transformative year, it's essential to take a step back and reflect on the lives we've touched and the art we've brought into the world. This year alone, hundreds of aspiring artists have walked through our doors, each with a unique vision and a passion for self-expression. But what truly warms our hearts is the collective impact we've had since our inception—supporting over 4,000 students in their artistic journeys.

The Numbers Speak Volumes

In 2023, we experienced an unprecedented level of engagement and community outreach. Our fine art education program alone reached a remarkable 1,100 students, marking a 20% increase from last year. Beyond our traditional teaching format, we expanded our reach by collaborating with ArtPrize to offer field trips that enriched the lives of an additional 2,200 students. To further provide multi-tiered support and foster community care, we made our art magazines and lesson plans. These educational resources have been instrumental in shaping a well-rounded learning experience, making it evident that the demand for holistic art education is more robust than ever.

The Human Element: Testimonials That Melt Hearts

Emily, Age 17

"When I first joined Cultivate's program, I was dealing with severe anxiety. I had no outlet to express my feelings. The teachers here didn't just teach me how to paint; they taught me how to channel my emotions into my art. Now, not only have I found a coping mechanism, but I've also discovered a potential career path."

Carlos, Age 30

"As someone who went back to school later in life, it was challenging to juggle my responsibilities and my passion for art. The flexible scheduling and the supportive community at Cultivate made it possible for me to pursue my dreams without sacrificing other aspects of my life."

Sarah and Tom, Parents of Jack, Age 8

"Our son Jack has always been a creative soul, but we never knew how to nurture his talent. Since he's been a part of Cultivate's young artists program, not only has his skill blossomed, but he's also become more focused and disciplined in other areas of his life."

Not Just Numbers—A Community

While we celebrate the growth and the reach of our programs, what fills us with the most joy is the community we've built. A place where artists, young and old, experienced and beginners, can come together and feel at home.

Looking Forward

As we prepare to close the book on 2023 and embark on another year of artistic discovery, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Your support this Giving Tuesday can help us reach even more students, support more artists, and foster a more vibrant arts community.

This Giving Tuesday, remember that art has the power to change lives,

one brushstroke at a time.

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