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Coe Lacy


Coe Lacy is a creative director, designer, illustrator, and musician living and working in Grand Rapids, MI. His passion for storytelling across mediums, combined with a deep sense of discipline and complete disregard for free time, has led him on a circuitous path through the arts.

At the root of much of this exploration has been music. In the course of his 20 years of jazz gigs and rock shows, he embraced the DIY ethic of many musicians and taught himself graphic design and web development to further his project’s goals. Seeking to expand his vocabulary for connecting with audiences he then revisited his childhood love of drawing. Immersed in the world of gig posters, his work was recognized by Adobe and featured in numerous collections, including the exhibition “Gig: The Art of Michigan Music” at the Ann Arbor Art Center.

In recent years he has focused more on draftsmanship and traditional drawing methods. He currently works as Creative Director at DVS, an advertising agency in Grand Rapids, mentoring other creatives and helping people tell their stories through brand development and illustration.

Coe Lacy
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