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Preparation Work - Get Ready to Read and Explore the Artist's Way 

Welcome to our exciting new city-wide interactive art project! This project is designed to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds to explore the principles of Julia Cameron's "Artist's Way" and unleash their creative potential.

At its core, this project is all about encouraging creativity, experimentation, and self-expression. We believe that everyone has an artist within them, waiting to be unleashed and that by exploring the principles of "The Artist's Way," we can all tap into that inner creativity and create something truly remarkable.

How do I start? 

People of any age can be a part of this exciting movement and connect with others who share their passion for creativity.

Hop on in, and participate any and all of the following ways - 

Buy the book (ideally at your local bookstore!) 

Buy a journal that you love! You will start morning pages when the project beings 

See our scavenger hunts at parks and spaces around the city, play along there 

Take photos of the art and cool things you see - share with the hashtag #artistswaygrandrapids and it will populate below

Attend Monday nights Art in the Park at Rosa Parks Circle June 12 - August 21, from 6-8pm, for interactive art installations, play, and explorations.  This night is always free, and provides a meeting space for this project. This is an opportunity for people to meet, discuss, and explore the new idea of the week. This meeting is open to everyone and will provide a space for people to connect with others who share their passion for creativity and engage in meaningful discussions about the project.

Be in on the secret missions and guerilla art! People can sign up for the weekly newsletter that provides weekly self-reflection questions and news about the project, as well as upcoming work/art assignments, and meeting dates.

The newsletter will be sent out on Thursdays of each week.

What is interactive art? 

What are morning pages?

Get the Book

Connect with others!

Videos and research on the importance of this seminal book  

See videos and research ont shis seminal book


Artist Date Idea:

Visit a museum or art gallery and spend time looking at different works of art.


Take a walk in nature and observe your surroundings


Try a new cuisine or restaurant that you've never been to before


Visit a botanical garden or park and take in the scenery


Attend a live music performance or concert

What is an Artist Date? 

In Julia Cameron's book "The Artist's Way," an "artist date" is a key tool for unlocking creativity and fostering inspiration. Essentially, an artist date is a solo excursion that you take for the purpose of nurturing your creative side.

During an artist date, you do something that inspires you or sparks your imagination. This could be anything from visiting a museum or art gallery, taking a long walk in nature, or exploring a new part of town. The key is to do something that you find enjoyable and that gets your creative juices flowing.

The purpose of an artist date is to provide you with the time and space you need to connect with your inner artist and fuel your creativity. By taking this time for yourself and engaging in activities that you find inspiring, you'll be able to recharge your creative batteries and tap into your innate creativity.

Artist dates are meant to be fun and enjoyable, so it's important to choose activities that you genuinely enjoy and that speak to your interests. With regular artist dates, you'll find that your creative well is constantly being refilled, and you'll be better equipped to approach your artistic endeavors with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Everyone has the capacity for creativity, and like a muscle, it needs to be exercised regularly to develop and improve. Whether it's coming up with new ideas, solving problems, or expressing oneself through art, music, or writing, creativity is an essential aspect of human life.

Join us in this project and make a conscious effort to engage in creative activities. Let's see what happens when we do creatives practices across the city how it can enhance our lives and the city in ways we never thought possible.

Discussion Questions from the Book 

The book club discussion wil start June 12, and will be hosted each week at Rosa Parks Circle, from 7-8pm

These first questions are just for you.  They are not recommended for morning pages, but instead are reflection points to consider as you navigate the preparation for this creative journey.  

Rosa Parks Monday Night Event

The Rosa Parks Monday night event will start June 12, and will be hosted each week at Rosa Parks Circle, from 6-8pm.

Monday nights will share interactive art shared in a big way!  Embracing your inner child, exploring hopes and dreams, sharing ideas as a community, and so much more.  

Community Events

We will be hosting work within the community.  This may be at a partner location, at a park, on streets or sidewalks, or simply at home or wherever you are.  

Monday nights will share interactive art shared in a big way!  Embracing your inner child, exploring hopes and dreams, sharing ideas as a community, and so much more.  

Our first event will be at Cultivate, 620 Wealthy Street, Grand Rapids, and we will share a Vintage Saturday Morning Cartoons day.  Held on June 17th, from 10am-12pm, we will share a variety of cereals and watch a selection of Saturday Morning Cartoons through the eras (roughly ten minutes of each decade from the 1930's til now!) 

We will also be releasing community questions on a variety of google forms.  Keep your eyes peeled for that! 

Additional Resources 

Here we will be sharing research and videos on the various weeks.  In the meantime, check out our blog post below on why this project is important right now.  

Photos and Documentation of the Week 

We will be heavily documenting the work of this project and sharing each of the photos here.  We are doing this so the work made can create a conversation within itself.  This will also capture the incredible work made by our community.  

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