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Take Your Art to the Next Level with Adult Art Classes at Cultivate

Are you looking to take your art to the next level? Look no further than adult art classes at Cultivate, in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Offering a variety of courses for all skill levels, these classes are designed to help you explore and expand your artistic horizons. Whether you’re just beginning, learning a new skill, or honing an old one, Cultivate has a class for you. With experienced instructors and high-quality materials, you can take your art to the next level with adult art classes.

What is the Cultivate Adult Continuing Education Program?

Cultivate is proud to offer its adult continuing education program in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We offer fine art classes for both beginner and advanced students looking to further their knowledge and skills in a variety of artistic disciplines. We call this a continuing education program because we believe that all people are always learning. Adults at any age, or any experience level, are welcome here. We share a variety of experienced art instructors, many of whom are professional artists themselves, who will help you refine your art-making techniques and expand your knowledge with their comprehensive lesson plans. With classes ranging from abstract painting to pencil drawing, there’s something for every creative spirit. Get ready to take your art to the next level with the Cultivate Adult Continuing Education Program.

Why Cultivate? What Makes theses Classes Different?

Cultivate teaches skills. We refer to these skills as tools in a toolbox, for once you have these skills you can make anything. All art studios and art education has value and its strengths, but we really want to focus on learning these skills so you can take that idea in your head and translate it to the page. Here at Cultivate, we actively teach technique, principles of art and design, and artists who are living and working today.

Our adult students are inspired. Our adults students feel more confident in their skill.

So you can pick up a paintbrush and make a work at home.

So you can observe light patterns outside on a walk one day, and you realize that art has changed the way you see.

So you're inspired to make art more often.

So you can re-pick up an art practice that you had to pause for life.

So you can learn a skill from a teaching artist that you admire.

Our students of all ages share that our classes have expanded the way they see the world.

We do not all paint the same sunflower or sunset, here we learn how the light hits the sunflower, what the shapes are, or how the values are affected. We learn this as we paint it, draw it, or make it with sculpture. Students share that they may have made art in other spaces, but they learn art with us.

Our program is tailored to meet the needs of both beginner and professional artists, providing them with an opportunity to explore their creativity in a positive, safe environment. We also offer our adult open studio/lab experience, which allows all of our adult students and our art community to join for a free evening of art making and practice.

In addition to the classes and projects, Cultivate also provides support and resources to its students in order to help them further their artistic growth. With access to a library of materials and tutorials, students can gain insight and knowledge on various art topics and techniques, as well as take their artwork to the next level. Cultivate is dedicated to helping its students reach their creative goals, no matter what stage of the artistic process they are in.

How to Choose the Right Class for You - Beginner or Advanced?

Choosing the right adult art class for you can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure of your level of expertise. The Cultivate Adult Continuing Education Program offers a variety of classes that cater to both beginner and advanced students.

For beginners, classes include foundational courses such as ‘Starting from Scratch’ series. These classes cover all the basics in a fun and relaxed environment, perfect for anyone who’s just getting started. More experienced students can take their skills to the next level with classes like ‘Oil Painting from Observation’ and ‘Portrait Drawing’. These classes will challenge and inspire, providing a great opportunity to fine-tune their skills.

No matter what your experience level is, there is a class to suit your needs. The friendly instructors at Cultivate will be happy to help you determine the best fit for you and answer any questions that you may have.

Can I Do this Class with a Friend?

Yes! Grand Rapids’ Cultivate Adult Continuing Education classes are a great way to enjoy art with friends.

If you want to get creative together, you can work side-by-side with your friend, exploring the same techniques and materials. This allows both of you to explore your own individual creativity while enjoying each other’s company.

The classes are also perfect for those who have a small group of friends looking for something fun and creative to do together. You can take the class as a group, with each person exploring different techniques and materials to create unique works of art. This is a great way to bond and strengthen friendships.

Whatever type of class you decide to take, the instructor will be there every step of the way, providing guidance and feedback throughout the entire process. So, don’t hesitate - grab a friend (or a few) and come explore your creative side together!

What Materials do I Need?

We want to invite all students to come and experiment and grow in their creative practice. For that reason, you don’t have to worry about bringing your own supplies – everything is provided!

The Cultivate Adult Continuing Education Program provides all the necessary materials to complete your project, including drawing paper, paints, canvases, brushes, and more. This eliminates the financial barrier of having to buy supplies on your own (as we have experienced that moment when you take a class, buy all of the materials, and realize that you don't like it. Then you've spend an upwards of $100+ dollars on supplies you'll never use again!

That said, while we do supply everything, we also share our materials list with students, so if they do want to practice at home, they may purchase the same materials we use in class.

All you have to do is show up with a willingness to learn and have fun.

So come on, and learn a new skill with us!

Learn something new and take your art to the next level with us at Cultivate! We hope to see you soon!

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