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June Volunteer of the Month: Amy Russell

An image of our May volunteer of the month, Veronica Polniak

Say hello to Amy Russell in our Volunteer of the Month Spotlight

At Cultivate, we believe in celebrating the incredible individuals who dedicate their time, energy, and passion to enriching our community and advancing our mission. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, bringing our programs to life and creating a vibrant, nurturing environment for all who walk through our doors. To honor their invaluable contributions, we are thrilled to share our "Volunteer of the Month" blog series.

Each month, we will spotlight one outstanding volunteer, sharing their stories, achievements, and the impact they've made on Cultivate and the broader Grand Rapids community. Through these stories, we hope to shine a light on the diverse talents and compassionate spirits that make Cultivate a place where art and community flourish together.

Please read their interview below -

Cultivate: What drew you to Cultivate and inspired you to become a volunteer?

Amy: I signed up to volunteer after hearing about Cultivate from a coworker. I had recently moved to Grand Rapids and was looking to meet new friends and get involved in the art community.

Cultivate: What’s one of your favorite memories from volunteering with Cultivate?

Amy: My favorite memory of volunteering at Cultivate is seeing the magic that comes out of children and adults during the Free Family Open Studio. Creating art is a beautiful form of self expression that has a multitude of positive side effects.

Cultivate: How do you practice or participate in art?

Amy: The last 10 years photography has metaphorically bled out of me as I capture unconventional images from my daily life and the different jobs I have had. I recently completed a Digital Art degree from KCAD, and use computer technology to create images that translate what I have learned through my meditation practice.

Cultivate: Are there any artists that have been inspiring you lately?

Amy: Yes, I am very inspired by artists in general and follow a lot of amazing creatives on Instagram. Lately I resonate with the installation and mural work of Denver based Danielle DeRoberts aka Onerary, and the cloudscapes in the paintings of Mark Maggiori in Taos.

Please see and support Amy's art practice and work on instagram - @aae.russel or

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