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Gallery Programs

The Cultivate Gallery Program mission is committed to supporting artists, educating and connecting community, and sharing a wide array of challenging and creative programs.  We are proud to share two annual exhibitions - our Annual Student and Member exhibition, and Bridgework.   


These programs specifically feature emerging to midcareer artists, especially women, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC artists. Amplifying voices and stories, and honoring a wider representation of diversity in the arts, we aim to launch careers, inspire artists and community, and foster a generation of creative thinkers, makers, and artists.  The mission of our public programming is to honor the creative process, and serve as an entry point for challenging conversations and understanding empathy. 

Bridgework Program

A nine-month paid studio practice and mentorship residency program that bridges the gap between art school and the professional art world.  This program in in partnership with regional colleges and galleries and offers professional mentorship, art business support, critique, and regional exhibition opportunities. ​

Annual Student Exhibition 

An annual exhibition inviting students of Cultivate to share works that they have made throughout the year. Students of any age are invited to share 1-2 pieces.  Participants of this exhibition will receive an exhibition catalog of the work.  ​​​

Featured Artist Program 

The Featured Artist Program at Cultivate serves to elevate and amplify the artist's work and process with the community, inviting them to understand how and why an artist creates the work they do, to market and promote artists, and to connect artists to each other and to our network of curators, artists, and gallery owners. Similar to a virtual exhibition, this is a curated collection of artists, this is a representation of the work that will be seen in our gallery. 


This is an open call process for local, regional, and national artists.  Artists are selected in every January and June, and scheduled out for the six-month period with each month featuring a different artist.  

Emerging Curators Program

A ten-week curatorial studies summer program that offers intense mentorship and support to emerging artist and curators.  we invite artists and curators to apply for a three-month paid residency program for artists to gain a comprehensive study and hands-on practice with various elements of a formal curatorial study and practice. ​​

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