Drop-in Workshop #1

We are so grateful to partner with ArtPrize to do their education and family programming.  See information below about events, community engagement, and activities for all ages! 

Drop In Workshop #1
Rosa Parks Circle

Thirteen events.  Thousands of attendees.  
Cultivating creativity, growth, and community. 

  All of our drop in workshops are based in participatory art. This means that we see up a work of art, but it is not completed until the public participates in it. 

All four of our drop-in workshops are within a series that are all designed around the idea of community - what does community mean to you?

Workshop #1 - Community as togetherness and meaningful interactions
Workshop #2 - Community is space and place
Workshop #3 - Community as identity and sense of belonging
Workshop #4 - Community as a Place of Memories

They all work together and are sequential. They also all create a community conversation on community.  We will be photographing the work created, offering a recap slideshow of all the work, and creating a book of all of the work created in all four workshops at the end of ArtPrize. 

Participants of any age can attend and participate, and attend one or all!  At all of these, we will offer open studio activities at each - drawing and making at each, and optionally people can do the following activities.  

Stay tuned to see recap slideshows after each event.  See your work and the work of others around you.  See how the work you make connects us, creates dialogue and empathy, and makes us all stronger through art. 

Thurs, Sept 15  OPENING DAY  of ArtPrize
Drop in Art Workshop 

Plaza in front of the Grand Rapids Art Museum
Maranda and WOODTV will be there!

Participants of this workshop will "color in" a map of Grand Rapids using their fingerprints.  People will dip their finger or thumb onto an ink pad, and place it on a blank map of the city. Over time, this map will fill with color. From a distance, this will be a colored map, but from up close, we will see the fingerprints representing the rich identity and beauty of individuals of the city. 

Please come back to see the event photo recap of all the work!