Making Monsters 

Make all things monsters!  Monsters are silly, funny, scary, sad - so many things.  They can also embody feelings in a play therapy experience.  Each week, we will do something new and monster related.  Kids will be encouraged to make them as they see them in their minds, and feel them in their bodies.  Maybe they have a story?  Maybe the monster is also scared of the dark?  iIt will not be all feelings based, but we will let these stories and characters emerge in a safe and open environment.  There are no wrong answers and no wrong way to make a monster!  


Each week, we will do a new Monster project!  We will sew a monster stuffed animal with fabric. Make monsters out of paper mache and cardboard.  Draw comic book monsters and write a short comic.  And end by making a game about monsters!  


This class includes an extensive kit.  


Mondays in July, 10am-11am