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ArtPrize Volunteering 2023

Cultivate is a proud partner of ArtPrize for this year's Volunteering Program. 


Every year, nearly 1,000 people step forward as ArtPrize Volunteers to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors to Grand Rapids for this extraordinary community event.

Whether you find a spot behind the scenes or in the public eye, it’s people like you who breathe life into ArtPrize and make it the place to be every fall.


Please see below for details! 

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Volunteer Positions and Descriptions

Art Class

Volunteer Handbook

Art Class

Meet some ArtPrize Volunteer Legends!

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ArtPrize Volunteer Information

There are various exciting ways to be part of the ArtPrize buzz!

Check out the diverse volunteer opportunities below:


Welcome and Hospitality Crew





As a Wayfinder, you'll become an essential part of the ArtPrize experience by serving as a friendly tour guide and ambassador in downtown Grand Rapids. You'll greet visitors with a warm smile and assist them by providing directions, answering questions, and sharing exciting information about the various activities and venues in the ArtPrize District. Equipped with maps and resources, you'll be stationed at specific locations within the ArtPrize District, guiding guests through this immersive art event. Whether it's pointing out notable exhibits, recommending must-see installations, or highlighting fun activities, your enthusiastic and informative approach will ensure visitors have an unforgettable time.



Enthusiasm for helping visitors and sharing your passion for ArtPrize.

Familiarity with the ArtPrize District, its venues, and the festival's offerings.

Physical ability to be on your feet during 3-hour shifts as you navigate the bustling streets of downtown Grand Rapids.

A warm and approachable personality to engage with visitors and provide exceptional customer service.


Group volunteers are encouraged to join, making it a fun and engaging team experience.

Join as a Wayfinder and play a key role in guiding visitors through the vibrant world of ArtPrize, showcasing the diverse array of artworks and connecting people with the creative spirit of the event. Your assistance will ensure that visitors have a smooth and enjoyable journey as they explore the artistic wonders that ArtPrize has to offer.


Arts Administration and Receptionists


Description: Assist with arts administration and reception tasks during ArtPrize events.

Requirements: Strong organizational and communication skills, ability to handle administrative tasks efficiently, and customer service experience.


Exhibitions Support


Get involved with our exhibits team at ArtPrize, including public art installation/de-installations, artist events like Link Sessions, and helping as gallery guides in exhibit spaces.


Art Handler Team



Join the Art Handler Team and play a crucial role in the successful installation and de-installation of ArtPrize exhibitions. Under the guidance of the exhibition director, you'll be responsible for ensuring the safe movement and placement of both 2D and 3D artworks. Your tasks will include assisting with the cleaning and maintenance of gallery spaces, setting up lighting fixtures, and diligently following inventory procedures. Additionally, you'll be ready to tackle any other duties assigned by the exhibition director to guarantee the seamless execution of the exhibitions.



Physical strength and ability to carry out various physical maneuvers, including lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling objects weighing between 25-50 lbs.

Flexibility to kneel, crawl, climb, balance, stoop, crouch, and reach for extended periods during exhibition setup and maintenance.

Demonstrated expertise in safely handling artwork in accordance with ArtPrize standards, ensuring the preservation and protection of each piece.


Comfort and familiarity with gallery maintenance tasks, including cleaning and upkeep, to maintain an appealing and organized exhibition space.

Proficiency in using woodshop equipment and various tools to construct display elements and crates, ensuring the secure presentation of artworks.


By being a part of the Art Handler Team, you'll contribute to the smooth execution of ArtPrize exhibitions, ensuring that artworks are showcased to their fullest potential and enhancing the overall experience for artists and visitors alike. Your dedication to maintaining high standards of art handling and gallery presentation will play a vital role in creating a captivating and memorable event for all.


Gallery and Venue Attendants 



As a Gallery Attendant for ArtPrize, you will be the friendly and informative face of our exhibition spaces. Greeting visitors upon their arrival, you will serve as the first point of contact and be ready to assist them with any basic questions they may have. 



A naturally warm and welcoming demeanor, capable of making visitors feel at ease and excited about their ArtPrize experience.

Familiarity with the current exhibition details and upcoming ArtPrize programming, allowing you to provide valuable information to guests and enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the artworks.


As a Gallery Attendant at ArtPrize, you will play a crucial role in creating a positive and engaging environment for all visitors. Your passion for art and your ability to provide exceptional customer service will contribute to making ArtPrize an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. By being an integral part of the ArtPrize team, you will help foster a deeper appreciation for art and its impact on our community, leaving a lasting impression on our guests.


Pantone Pathways Support - ArtPrize



Join our dynamic team and be a part of bringing "Pantone Pathways" to life - an exhilarating and interactive art installation that delves into the fascinating world of colors and emotions. As a Pantone Pathways Support volunteer, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the successful setup, operation, and dismantling of this extraordinary exhibit. Your enthusiasm for art and creativity will shine as you assist visitors in having an immersive experience, guiding them through the vibrant color-themed pathways and interactive installations.



A genuine passion for art and creativity, with a keen interest in exploring the power of colors and their emotional impact on the human experience.

Physical fitness and ability to be on your feet for extended periods, as you will be actively engaged in assisting visitors throughout the exhibit space.

Physical capability to bend frequently, as you will play a hands-on role in arranging and maintaining the color-themed pathways and interactive elements.

Exceptional communication skills, allowing you to engage with visitors, answer their questions, and elevate their overall experience at Pantone Pathways.


By becoming a Pantone Pathways Support volunteer, you will be at the heart of this captivating exhibit, contributing to a visually stimulating and emotionally enriching journey for all who explore it. Your dedication and creativity will help create an unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impression on our visitors and adding to the magic of ArtPrize 2023. Join us in celebrating the artistry of colors and emotions as we make art come alive through Pantone Pathways!


Education Support




Description: As a Docent at ArtPrize, you will take center stage in leading captivating guided walking tours of carefully selected artworks for our valued attendees. Through your enthusiasm and passion for both education and art, you will inspire exploration and foster meaningful discussions surrounding each piece's nature, themes, and medium. Using effective techniques of dialogue, inquiry, and storytelling, you will encourage participants to delve deeper into the world of contemporary art, unlocking its mysteries and significance.



An unwavering enthusiasm for educating the public, particularly when it comes to the realm of art and creativity.

Ability to conduct engaging and thought-provoking tours, employing the use of dialogue, inquiry, and storytelling techniques to keep participants engrossed throughout the journey.

A profound knowledge or keen interest in contemporary art, allowing you to shed light on the intricacies and complexities of the artworks showcased at ArtPrize.


As a Docent, you will be an integral part of creating an enriching and immersive experience for our ArtPrize attendees. Your expertise and dedication will help illuminate the fascinating stories and meanings behind each artwork, leaving a lasting impression on those who join your tours. Join us in celebrating the vibrant world of contemporary art and inspiring others to appreciate its beauty and impact. Become a Docent at ArtPrize and share the magic of art with our visitors, making this year's event an unforgettable celebration of creativity and imagination.


Facilitators for Drop-In Art Workshops 



As a Facilitator for Drop-In Art Workshops at ArtPrize, you will play a crucial role in creating a vibrant and welcoming environment for artists of all ages. Your mission is to foster a positive and engaging experience by offering helpful assistance and explaining the various activities available in our lively drop-in art studio spaces. With your warm and encouraging approach, you will inspire creativity to flow freely and enable participants to unleash their artistic potential.




Physical capability to set up and take down foldable tables and chairs, ensuring the workshop space is organized and comfortable for our eager artists.

Comfortable handling art supplies, ensuring that participants have access to the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life (supplies weighing under 25lbs).

Previous experience in art education or facilitating creative workshops is a plus, as it will allow you to share valuable insights and inspire participants with your expertise.


As a Facilitator for Drop-In Art Workshops, you will be instrumental in nurturing the artistic spirit of our diverse participants. Your ability to create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere will empower artists of all ages to explore and experiment freely, resulting in delightful masterpieces and memorable moments. Join us in making ArtPrize a space where creativity knows no bounds, and art becomes an expression of joy and inspiration. Become a Facilitator for Drop-In Art Workshops and be part of the magic that unfolds within our art studio spaces, creating cherished memories for both our artists and attendees.


Field Trip Support



Join our team of enthusiastic individuals dedicated to providing a seamless and enriching experience for field trip attendees at ArtPrize. As a Field Trip Support volunteer, you will play a vital role in assisting with the coordination and facilitation of educational field trips, ensuring that students and educators have a memorable and educational visit. Your support will help foster a love for contemporary art and creativity among young minds.



Passion for art and education, with a genuine desire to inspire and engage students in the world of contemporary art at ArtPrize.

Excellent organizational skills to assist in coordinating and ensuring the smooth flow of field trip activities, helping students and educators make the most of their time at the event.

Friendly and approachable demeanor, capable of interacting with students and educators, providing guidance, and answering questions to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the exhibits.


Ability to be on your feet for extended periods, as well as bend and move around frequently to facilitate the movement of students during the field trip.

Good communication skills to collaborate with ArtPrize staff, educators, and fellow volunteers, ensuring effective teamwork and the successful execution of the field trip program.

Experience in education or working with children is beneficial, as it will enable you to connect with students and support their learning journey during the field trip.


As a Field Trip Support volunteer, you will be an essential part of nurturing young minds and sparking their creativity through exposure to diverse and thought-provoking art exhibits. Your dedication to facilitating engaging and interactive experiences will contribute to the success of our educational programs and the positive impact on students and educators alike. Join us in empowering the next generation of art enthusiasts and advocates, as we open their eyes to the world of contemporary art at ArtPrize. Become a Field Trip Support volunteer and help create lasting memories and educational opportunities for students during their ArtPrize field trip experience.


Ushers for Artist Lectures and Panel Discussions 



As an Usher for Artist Lectures and Panel Discussions at ArtPrize, you will be an integral part of creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for all attendees. Your role will involve assisting in event setup, engaging with guests as they arrive, and providing helpful guidance throughout the event. With your friendly demeanor and attention to detail, you will ensure that guests have a positive and memorable time during the artist lectures and panel discussions.



Friendly and approachable demeanor, as you will be the face of hospitality for event attendees, welcoming them with warmth and courtesy.

Physical ability to lift folding tables and chairs, contributing to the smooth setup and teardown of the event space, ensuring it is conducive to a comfortable experience for all.

Previous experience in events or customer service is beneficial, as it will enable you to navigate various situations and address guest inquiries with professionalism.

Good communication skills are essential for providing clear guidance to guests, helping them find their way, and ensuring they adhere to event guidelines for a smooth and enjoyable event experience.


As an Usher for Artist Lectures and Panel Discussions, you will be instrumental in creating an atmosphere of hospitality and orderliness during these intellectually stimulating events. Your presence will be a guiding force for guests, offering assistance and valuable information to enhance their experience. Join us in making ArtPrize's artist lectures and panel discussions a success, where attendees feel valued, engaged, and enlightened. Be a part of the team that fosters meaningful interactions between artists and audiences, making ArtPrize a platform for insightful conversations and memorable moments. Become an Usher for Artist Lectures and Panel Discussions, and contribute to the enrichment of our vibrant artistic community.

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