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ArtPrize Education

ArtPrize Education 2023

Cultivate is a proud partner of ArtPrize for this year's Education Days.  Sharing a new comprehensive approach to Education Days, we are putting equity, accessibility, and multiple learning styles and engagements at the forefront of our learning.  All of our activities are made available for free, to ensure that all students may have access to high-quality arts education and programming.

Please explore each of the links below to learn more! 

This work is made possible by Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, the Michigan Arts and Culture Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Self Guided Tours

Welcome to ArtPrize's self-guided walking tours—an immersive and interactive art experience for all ages and interests!

We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, and our free walking tours aim to provide diverse experiences that encourage exploration and engagement with the incredible artworks on display. Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious newcomer, our self-guided tours promise an unforgettable journey through contemporary art.

You can download the PDF's below, or pick up paper copies at the ArtPrize Clubhouse, located at 2 Fulton.  

And don't forget to check out our Activity Guides and Resources for all ages!

We're proud to offer fun activities for all ages - scavenger hunts, art bingo cards, question guides about art or for artists, art magazines, and so much more!  You can also grab paper copies of all of these at the ArtPrize Clubhouse. 

See More! 


Our friends at GR Kids have created an incredible guide for recommended tips, tricks, and maps with kid-friendly art and events to go to during ArtPrize this year!  

We absolutely recommend checking it out. 

Before you start your tour, here are some helpful tips:

Charge Your Phone:
Make sure your phone is fully charged before starting the tour. You'll likely use it for navigation, voting for ArtPrize, taking photos, and accessing interactive content.

Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes:
Choose comfortable and supportive w
alking shoes to keep your feet happy throughout the tour.
You might be covering some distance!

Dress for the Weather:
Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Be prepared for changes in weather by carrying an umbrella or wearing layers.

Stay Hydrated:
Bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated, especially on warm days. 

Pack Snacks:
If your tour takes a while, consider bringing some light snacks to keep your energy up. Granola bars, fruit, or nuts are good options.

Register in Advance for Easy Voting:
Use your phone to vote - see here to get set up! 

Grab a Map:
Snag an event map at the ArtPrize Clubhouse for easy reference.

Use Sunscreen:
If it's sunny, protect your skin by applying sunscreen. Don't forget sunglasses and a hat.

Plan Breaks:
Schedule short breaks to rest, enjoy a coffee, or explore local cafes and parks along the way.

Stay Safe:
Be aware of your surroundings and follow safety guidelines. Stick to well-lit areas, especially if you're touring in the evening.

Stay Informed:
Keep an eye on ArtPrize updates and announcements through our communication channels, especially if there are special events or exhibitions.

Share Your Experience:
Connect with other tour participants through social media or our interactive platforms. Share your thoughts, discoveries, and photos!

Stories and News 

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